When it comes to window coverings, homeowners have a number of options to choose from. From elaborate drapes to modern blinds, each can add a different style touch to a home.

Window coverings also provide valuable functionality. They control the light that comes into your home and, with that, can help control temperature by blocking out extreme heat or cold. They also give varying levels of privacy.

But what do plantation shutters cost? Are they more expensive than other options? Let’s take a closer look at the factors that affect pricing and how you can decide whether to add them to your house.

Comparing plantation shutters cost to blinds and other coverings

Despite the many benefits, you might be concerned that they cost too much compared to other window covering types.

These window coverings tend to be more expensive since they are more durable, last longer, and are made of more costly materials. Blinds are usually made of more flexible or soft materials, pushing down their price and their ability to endure prolonged use.

Just for materials, 600mm x 800mm window blinds can range in price from $40-$250, depending on the material and colour you choose. In comparison, plantation shutters cost $150-$500, again with the price changing based on the material.

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Plantation Shutters Cost Window Blinds Cost
$150-$500 $40-$250

The main factors that affect the cost

By now we’ve already hinted at the fact that material comes into play when determining how much any window covering for that matter, are going to cost you.

Of course, the number of windows will certainly affect the price. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key factors that affect plantation shutter costs, since what you choose can start to add up quickly.

#1 – Material

When it comes to material, you have near limitless options. Each has its own benefit and will vary in price. Since much of plantation shutters cost comes from the material itself, they are often priced out based on square metres. Here are a few popular options:

  • PVC or Vinyl: Super low maintenance, easy to clean, moisture resistant
  • Wood: Natural look and more eco-friendly
  • Aluminum: Better for outdoor use, highly durable
  • Composite: Looks like real wood for a fraction of the price
  • Teak: Top of the line material at a top of the line price

#2 – Design

Most of them have a similar look with a solid frame and moveable louvers. However, depending on the brand, you can get variations that have more, or less, louvres.

Having fewer louvers that are wider in shape will help let in more light when you open them up. More louvers that are narrow in design can create more privacy but cost more due to the time and material used to make them.

Generally, all of the louvers on a single plantation shutter will move together in the same direction. This is called a single tier design. For a larger or taller window, you may want a double tier design that allows you to open or close two sections on the same shutter independently. That way, you can open the top portion to let in more sunlight while keeping the bottom portion closed for privacy.

#3 – Customisation

You can truly make them your own to match any style or décor preference. However, these come with a hefty price tag. For example, expect to pay $400-$500 more PER SHUTTER if you are going with a custom colour (durable 2PAC Polyurethane colours are available).

If your window has a unique shape or bows out requiring different installation, you’ll need to add on average $200 per square metre to the price.

#4 – Installation

Everything that makes them great – their size, durability, and opaqueness – go into making them more difficult to install. They are a more bulky product to manage and need to be installed correctly for them to remain long-lasting.

Installation costs actually start to rack up before you even buy them. Some providers charge to come out and measure your home for the project. This can start to add up fast, getting up to $300-400 per square metre…just to measure!

Check with your specific installer so you are 100% clear on what this is going to cost you. In general, plantation shutters cost an extra $80 per m2 to install once they are in and ready for your home. Some providers charge based on how long they’re on the job, which can range between $90-125 per hour. And remember, this is on top of the price you paid for the actual product.

How much do plantation shutters cost?

So how much are you looking at spending? You’ll need to measure and decide how many window coverings you need, how large, and how many square meters of material you’re looking at buying. Here is a table to help break down the average cost based on some of the more popular materials. Remember that these prices do not include installation fees or any add-ons.

Material Average Cost/m2
PVC or Vinyl $200-300/m2
Wood $350-700/m2
Aluminum $350-450/m2
Composite $80 to $200/m2
Teak $400/m2

Window coverings are an investment in your home

While plantation shutter costs can add up fast, they can add value and design to your home at the same time. On average, you can expect to spend between $150-$500 per shutter and will have to factor in any extra installation fees when creating your budget.

Even if you have a bit of sticker shock now, don’t forget that these products are designed to last, so you won’t have a need for new window treatments for the next 10-20 years. This is especially true if you have them installed properly with the right hardware by a professional.

Accurate estimates are important when pricing out what plantation shutters cost. That’s why FKR Group offers fast, free quotes with a free measuring service. We focus on services and want you to be able to price out our window coverings that reflect the size, materials, and aesthetics you want for your home.

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