Update your window treatments with rollers that aren’t going to bust your bankroll.

Roller blinds are exceptional standouts in the window treatment category because of their versatility. But if you have whole home to outfit and you want a consistent approach, you might be wondering how much roller blinds cost and what you’ll need to budget for. The great news is that there are also options for nearly any kind of budget, making them yet again a prime choice for homes of all types.

Why opt for blinds for your windows?

With this option, you’ll be on your way to functional and fashionable window treatments in no time. There are a number of benefits to choosing this style, not least of which is cost. We’ll dive more into what you can expect to pay below, but keep in mind that they tend to be more affordable than other options such as Roman, vertical, Venetian, or panel blinds. Aside from cost, here are some more ways that make roller blinds a stand out choice.

  • Easy to use. With just the pull of a chain, or the touch of button, you can have them retract or unfurl with ease.
  • Durability. Top quality Australian made coverings are designed to last, resist fading, and leverage premier fabrics and steel parts.
  • Maintenance: Nearly maintenance free, they can be quickly dusted as needed to remove any build up over time.
  • Coordination: They can be custom made to match any home or office décor for the perfect design compliment to a space.
  • Motorisation: High-end models come with the option to open or close via a remote control for even easier operation.
  • Light management: choose from light filtering or blackout options to control the amount of light that enters your space.
  • Timelessness: Go with a neutral design for a timeless look that will last as long as your coverings, which can be decades with proper care.

Factors that impact the roller blinds cost in Perth

With so many styles and options available, it should come as no surprise that roller blind costs vary quite widely. The factors that affect them should make sense once you start exploring all of the different combinations that are possible.

  • Material: From vinyl to high-quality linen, the options are nearly limitless when it comes to choosing a material.
  • Size: How much material is also going to impact the roller blinds cost, with larger windows requiring more fabric and costing more overall.
  • Blackout: Different materials are also classified as blackout quality, which can drive up the cost of your blinds.
  • Accessories: Opting for motorisation rather than pull chain operation can add to the price of your package.
  • Quantity: This will not only affect the total cost of materials but also the end cost for your installation, which is often factored separately.

The best way to get a sense of how much your window treatments will cost is to start with a measure and quote. This will give you a starting quantity and size to work from as you evaluate your other options and help with budgeting for the total package.

How much do roller blinds cost?

Depending on these factors, you’re looking at quite a large range when it comes to roller blinds cost. Run of the mill blinds in a standard size and vinyl material from a local WA hardware store can run as low as $60 per window before installation. That said, they’re likely to last you only a few years with daily operation.

Instead, opting for high-quality option in the custom configuration that meets your exact needs will fall between $190-$390 on average for a standard 12000mm x 2100 mm window.

It can also help to ask any potential Perth provider whether there are discounts for doing a higher quantity of windows. Some installers may lower their rates if you commit to having more windows upgraded.

Do window blinds require professional installation?

While this is something you could try to tackle yourself, there’s too much room for error in your window casing. It is always best to turn to the experts and hire a professional who will not only ensure that your window coverings are hung level and properly but also according to the product warranty requirements. They’ll also be able to help remove any existing window treatments properly and ensure that accessories such as motorisation are functional.

But how much does installation for roller blinds cost? This is usually charged based on how much space is being worked on or how many windows are being dressed. The average cost is a rate of $40-$60/m2.

Select your custom blinds with the team at FKR Group

When it comes to upgrading your window treatments, they are a versatile and long lasting option. You’re bound to find the look and quality that you are in pursuit of with a price you can afford thanks to so many different combination options.

At FKR Group, we know these options can also get overwhelming, which is why we offer free measure and quote services along with consultations.. Our expert team can work with you to help you find just the right size and material for every window in your home. We have over 30 years of experience and are confident that you’ll be happy with the final product for your windows.

All FKR products are custom made to ensure a perfect fit, functionally and aesthetically. For your free measure and quote, just call us on 0412 872 822 and we’ll be happy to come to you to get things started.

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