Window shutters add privacy, style, and a level of security to Brisbane homes. Below, we’re going to investigate the window shutters cost in Brisbane and analyse the factors affecting the total price.

As a general point of reference, it can be said that you’ll pay between $250 – $450 for your window shutter per square metre, depending on material. Installation rates could be $80 an hour or so, though companies often give discounts when you buy and install together.

But let’s get more detailed and take a look at what affects the prices, as averages can be misleading. There are many styles and sizes, and this will have a bearing on how much you pay.

Types of Window Shutters

The major types available for purchase and installation include:

  • Cafe Style – These are very cost-effective, as they only cover half the window. Meaning they are not going to cost as much as full window coverings. The lower half is blocked off while the top part allows light inside. Perfect for apartments/cafes on street level.
  • Double Hung – They are alternatively known as ‘tier-on-tier’. Two window coverings are hung, one above the other. They are the most versatile. The only issue is they can be a bit ‘thick’ on some styles of windows.
  • Full Height – They are suited to taller windows. They are sturdy and there is a dividing rail halfway up. You can open the top half while leaving the bottom closed and vice versa.
  • Solid – This is a combination of a solid panel at the bottom with a louvre panel on the top. It comes with various centre panels (moulded, raised, shaker, etc).

To avoid confusion, understand that cafe style, double-hung, and full height are all subcategories of plantation options. They can be differentiated from blinds as there is no string to roll them up. The name comes from a period where they were used in plantations, often constructed out of wood.

They are completely different from garage door options and serve an entirely different purpose. This is important because when you look around for prices, you will get wildly different estimates unless you are specific in the shutter type.

Factors Affecting The Window Shutters Cost in Brisbane

The typical factors come into play in terms of the window shutters cost in Brisbane. Such factors will include:

  1. Type – The type of shutter will have a large influence on the end cost.
  2. Material – They are typically made from wood, PVC, or vinyl. Wood is the most expensive.
  3. Size – The larger the shutter, the more it will cost.
  4. Quantity – The more windows you need to be covered, the more it will cost.
  5. Quality – Better products come with treatment options, a warranty, energy-efficient design, etc. This will increase the total cost.
  6. Special Features – Any customisations or enhancements you want will add to the total cost.

Most companies will install custom-made options for you (window coverings need to match the size of your frame). This will cost extra. However, you can also purchase and install them yourself, if you are really looking to save money.

Just be sure to get detailed instructions from the supplier and that you have experience around the house. It’s usually better to get a quality install from an experienced professional.

Average Window Shutters Cost

On average, Australians will pay $1,750 to get their window coverings installed by a professional company. This excludes the cost of the purchase. The following table should give you a loose estimate for the window shutters cost in Brisbane. It is always useful to call up a few local suppliers and compare costs so you don’t get confused by statistical averages.

Shutter Type Price Per Square Metre
PVC $315 – $400
Vinyl $250 – $300
Timber $375 – $450
Aluminium $450 – $600
Installation We do not charge for installation (included in square metre price)

Reducing the Window Shutters Cost

There are multiple options when it comes to reducing the window shutters cost, and most of them are just common sense. First, identify what it is you are looking for. This includes the type of window shutter, the material of the window shutter, and the dimensions of the windows. This will make it easier for you to make a decision when it comes to buying.

The next step is to call up a number of local suppliers for quotes. You might get a better deal. Remember to get a quote for the cost of installation in tandem with the window shutter itself. This will give you a total cost for comparison. There are also a number of online price calculators to give you a more tangible indication.

Working with top quality providers is another way to reduce cost without compromising on quality. The install will be quicker, better, and often more affordable. You can save on costs if you complete the installation itself, but the install will not take that long if you are working with an industry veteran. And the end product will be fitted more precisely.

Summation – Window Shutters costs

Expect to pay $250 – $450 for your window shutter per square metre, depending on material and style. But take note of the fact that they tend to be long term solutions that last longer compared to other alternatives. They are also low maintenance and very functional.

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What are the advantages of window shutters?

They are stronger than alternatives such as blinds and coverings. But they also look better while offering equal privacy. They last longer than alternatives as well and will need little maintenance. They are a more permanent solution that looks elegant. While timber can look elegant and timeless, PVC offers equal longevity and durability at a far more competitive price.

Are window shutters worth the money?

Yes, provided you get the right ones. They are best looked at as an investment as they will add to home value. They look great and are very functional in the context of adding privacy but also allowing in light. Usually, it is a tradeoff, but window shutters offer the best of both worlds.

How is the window shutter installation process completed?

Generally, you call up the company that visits your house to generate a quote. They will then call to your house on a different date to complete the install. You should get a general quotation before the visitation to know that the figure is in the ballpark for what you are looking for. If you are looking to install the window coverings yourself, it should take less than an hour for a single shutter, provided you have the right tools available and have done the research.

How long do window shutters last?

They can last between 15 – 30 years with pretty much no maintenance. Plantation ones are the longest-lasting and far more durable than blinds and other alternatives. So they are simply a better long term investment, even if you can get blinds more cheaply. Blinds can break with time, while shutters have far more longevity.

FKR Group offers custom made window coverings that will withstand the test of time. You won’t have to contact us again for decades after your quality install. Our commitment to stellar customer care is one reason that we have been in business for 3 decades, about the same shelf life as our tailored products.

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