The best material for plantation shutters will come down to design, durability, and cost. From heavy natural products to lightweight synthetics, we’re taking a close look at what makes each material top-notch and giving you everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Looking for a great way to add privacy, ventilation, and light control all in one window treatment?

Look no further than these window coverings as a versatile covering that offers plenty regarding practicality and design.

But here’s the catch – there is a WIDE range of plantation shutter types and materials to choose from, so you’ll need to know what’s best for your Brisbane home.

The best material for plantation shutters will leave you with long-lasting and effective window treatments, as well as lasting style that makes the neighbours jealous. To help you choose the right option for your home, we’re going to take a close look at the different materials and how they affect design, durability, cost, and more.

What to look for in the best material for plantation shutters

They can give you traditional vibes or a modern feel depending on what they’re made out of.

And sure, you might find yourself already drawn to a certain material, but before you make a selection, keep in mind that the best material for plantation shutters comes down to a combination of factors.


Most options are rather durable to start with especially when installed properly. However, the best will last over 20 years.

Material will dictate a large part of this. For example, PVC is lightweight but easier to bend or accidentally damage. In contrast, timber can be beautiful but more susceptible to the elements over time, while special finishes or DIY paint jobs could fade or flake if not properly applied. At FKR Group, all blinds and stiles are reinforced with aluminium inserts so you can trust the longevity of any product you choose.


We’re not talking about bending your window coverings here (that would actually be terrible), we’re talking about your potential options.

They can be made exactly how you want them for your home as different materials will offer you colour choices that can match your design preferences. Some lines or custom plantation shutter providers can create half-length and full-length options that match. You may also want to consider different size louvres to let in light differently from room to room.


With the investment you’re looking to make in your home, you’re going to want window treatments that can grow with you (or future homeowners if you decide to sell down the line).

Sure, all options provide privacy and light control, but the best material for plantation shutters can also be updated or refreshed over time. While some finishes like powder coating can be prepped and repainted, other materials like natural timber lend themselves to refinishing without completely replacing them.

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From poplar to plastic: a close look at plantation shutter materials

You’ll be able to choose from a few different materials when it comes to these window coverings, so get ready for options.

Generally speaking, your choice of plantation material will have the biggest impact on price, but don’t forget to take other factors into account like longevity, style and security.

To help you with your choice, we’re examining some of the best material for plantation shutters with a full pro and con analysis.


Feature Timber Pros Timber Cons
Design Beautiful wood grains and depth of colour add to any room. Grains can vary and make for inconsistent elements.
Price While priced steeply, they are an investment that adds value to the home. Real timber is the most expensive material available
Cleaning Light dusting works great. They are not waterproof, so don’t use cleaners on them.
Durability Stands up to frequent usage and adjustment. Not great for moisture prone spaces where they can warp or crack.
Finish Stains and varnishes allow for a number of combinations. Natural wood requires re-varnishing to keep its shine.
Insulation All hardwoods block light, UV, and heat from the sun effectively. Frequent temperature swings over the years can cause warping.

Engineered Wood

They are made from pressed eco-friendly composite timber with notable durability from their structure.

Feature Engineered Wood Pros Engineered Cons
Design Homes benefit from the look of wood without the price tag. Consistency in grain can almost look too manufactured.
Price These tend to be a more cost effective option compared to timber. These are also more expensive than synthetic options.
Cleaning Wipes clean with dry or damp cloth and are detergent safe. They tend to attract dust on their finished surfaces.
Durability Can last up to 20 years or more with proper installation. Lower quality products may fade from light exposure.
Finish You have a variety of premade stains and glosses to choose from. These shutters cannot be refinished once you purchase them.
Insulation Excellent with blocking light, UV, and heat from the sun effectively. Joint lines can start to show over time due to heat exposure.


Want an option that doesn’t weigh down usage or your bank account?

Aluminium option usually comes in a wider variety of colours with a powder coating that protects the lightweight metal underneath.

Feature Aluminium Pros Aluminium Cons
Design Choose from a wider variety of frame styles and louvre thicknesses. These tend to look more modern and are less fitting for traditional homes.
Price Great for thinner budgets looking for light control and privacy. These will not last as long, so you’ll be paying to replace them sooner.
Cleaning Wipes clean easily with a dry cloth. These cannot get wet or you’ll be looking at rust sooner than later.
Durability The frame and louvres are more durable with frequent usage. Metals are likely to corrode or rust over time from air and moisture.
Finish The options are seemingly endless with designer colors and powder coats. While wood grains are available, they tend to look fake.
Insulation You’ll be able to block out direct light from your living spaces. These are terrible insulators since the metals conduct and absorb heat.


The finish on polymer can make this easy to clean, moisture resistant option look high end.

Feature PVC/Vinyl Pros PVC/Vinyl Cons
Design Provide a modern, fresh look great for a contemporary home Heavier materials limit available sizes to smaller or medium windows.
Price Often the most cost effective option available. There’s no hiding the fact that these shutters are a budget option.
Cleaning Wipes clean with dry or damp cloth and are detergent safe. They tend to attract dust on their finished surfaces.
Durability Synthetic materials make them easy and lasting to operate. More susceptible to damage from impact, wear, and tear.
Finish Available in a variety of factory applied color combinations. These are known to fade or yellow over time with sun exposure.
Insulation Effectively dissipates the heat it absorbs during the day. These can be warm to the touch with their metal interior frames.

It’s a material world: choosing shutters for your home

They are already among the best options for window treatments. And while the idea of a number one choice is rather subjective, there’s one rule you should look to follow.

The best material meets at the cross section of design and durability. Check our range of plantation shutters to find your best fit.

Getting the best material for plantation shutters in Brisbane

The quality of your selection will largely come down to how the material you choose works in your climate and with your level of usage.

To make the decision that’s best for you, you’ll want to have a professional measure and assess your existing windows. They may have a recommendation for the right approach to your home window treatments.

And the leading professionals for the best window treatment can be found at FKR Group. We’re the leaders in custom plantation shutter design and installation in Brisbane with over 30 years of experience. With us, you’ll have access to top-quality products backed by a 20-year warranty.

We offer onsite assessments for all potential clients so you can explore a design that works for your space and budget. Our fast free quotes can help get your project started today, or call us on 0412 872 822, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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