Plantation Shutters

How to Replace Your Plantation Shutter Slats Like a Pro (Taught by the Pros)

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Plantation shutters are a popular window treatment option. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already enjoying these stylish, versatile window coverings (or thinking about making the switch). However, over time, the slats can become damaged, warped, or simply need to be updated to match a new interior design. If you find yourself in need

Can You Put Plantation Shutters on Sliding Doors?

By |2024-01-11T01:16:11+00:00November 6th, 2022|Plantation Shutters|

treatments come in all shapes and sizes, but window coverings are among the most timeless and durable options you can choose for your Brisbane home. It’s no wonder that homeowners across Australia are looking for new ways to incorporate them into their existing home décor and design. But can you put plantation shutters on sliding

How to Choose the Right Plantation Shutters Colour [Simple Guide]

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Whether you want to be bold or keep it traditional, there are other plantation shutters colours other than just white. White is generally the most popular plantation shutters colour in Australia. Not only is it compatible with virtually all other design elements, but it can also brighten up a space while helping to keep your

What to Consider When Buying Living Room Plantation Shutters

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Whether you’re trying to create a modern feel for your living room or prefer to keep the style more traditional, shutters can help you to achieve both looks. Plantation shutters are so much more than just a decorative final touch to your windows. They add privacy while still allowing natural light to enter, help to

5 Common Plantation Shutter Problems [And How To Fix Them Like a Pro]

By |2024-01-11T21:06:02+00:00March 5th, 2022|Plantation Shutters|

You love the look of your shutters, but when there’s a misaligned louver or a crack in the frame, it’s important you know how to find the quick (and affordable ) fix. Read on for the top 5 most common plantation shutter problems and how to fix ‘em. When it comes to plantation shutters, there’s

Plantation Shutters vs. Blinds: What’s The Best For Your Home?

By |2024-01-11T21:40:51+00:00July 30th, 2021|Plantation Shutters|

When it comes to window coverings, you have plenty to choose from. But in this side-by-side comparison, we’re exploring whether plantation shutters and blinds are best for your Brisbane home.

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