Whether you want to be bold or keep it traditional, there are other plantation shutters colours other than just white.

White is generally the most popular plantation shutters colour in Australia. Not only is it compatible with virtually all other design elements, but it can also brighten up a space while helping to keep your rooms cool during Brisbane’s hot summer months.

Though, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to follow the same route that most homeowners in Australia are taking. If you think that white plantation shutters are too plain or boring (which it definitely doesn’t have to be), there are various other plantation shutters colour options to choose from. To help you find the colour that will match your interior best, we’ve listed a few practical tips for selecting the colour.

Consider the material

They are available in three main materials. These are vinyl PVC, composite, and wood. When selecting the plantation shutters colour, you also need to keep in mind the type of material. Composite and vinyl PVC are prefabricated into colours and styles, and you might not have that much freedom when it comes to choosing a colour.

Ask yourself how often will you change your decor

How to choose the right plantation shutters colour

When deciding on the plantation shutters colour, you also need to ask yourself how often you plan on changing your decor. One of the biggest benefits is their durability. If you ensure that your window coverings get installed by a professional company, you can look forward to 20 years of service. What’s more, if you take proper care of them and avoid pulling on them or swinging them open harshly, they can last even longer than 20 years.

So, if you plan on making drastic changes to your decor and furniture in the next 20 years, it’s better to play it safe and choose a neutral colour like white that can give you that classic and timeless look. Alternatively, you can also consider a shade of grey. Many homeowners feel it’s less boring than white, yet it still creates a neutral look that can blend in well with most colour schemes.

Keep in mind your own preferences and personality

Sure, it’s key that your window coverings match your furniture and bring out the best aspects of the space, but also remember to keep in mind your own sense of style. For example, if you’re bold, you can choose a plantation shutters colour that will stand out. So, if you know that your friends won’t use words like “traditional and classic” to sum up your style, a darker colour like maroon, for example, or even a pink, yellow, or green, can work well.

For a colour that’s not too traditional but not too loud either, you can also consider blue. It’s a perfect in-between colour (it’s not too soft or too strong) and can be extremely versatile.

Let the space guide you

In addition to your own style, you also need to pay attention to the space where it will be installed. For example, if it will be used in a room that ideally needs to be a bit darker or where privacy is key, like a basement or bathroom, you can consider opting for dark-coloured options, possibly even black.

On the other hand, for areas like the kitchen or a kid’s bedroom that generally need to be light and cheery, a brighter plantation shutters colour will work better. In this case, you can, for example, opt for wood-stained option.

How to choose the right plantation shutters colour

Light up your rooms with plantation shutters

Selecting the right plantation shutters colour can be a daunting step. Considering that it’s an investment and one that can last you for more than 20 years with proper maintenance, you’ll want to find a colour that will still look fresh after two decades. Then, to make it even more challenging, there are various colours that homeowners in Australia can choose from.

In general, white is the most popular colour and with very good reason. It offers timeless value to your home and when you decide to sell your property, it can help to increase the asking price. Bright blue might match your decor and personality, but interested buyers might view this as a feature that they’ll need to replace immediately.

Alternatively, selecting a warm, contemporary colour or a natural colour that matches the woodgrains in your home can work just as well. In fact, these colours can work better than white in some instances.

Considering that they are more expensive than other options like blinds, you’ll want to take your time when choosing the plantation shutters colour. The FKR Group is a trusted, family-run business that supplies and installs Australian-made window treatments. All our window coverings are custom made, and installations are covered by a warranty.

If you’re still feeling in the dark about your colour options, reach out to the experienced team at FKR Group, and they will throw light on all the different options you have. Call us on 0412 872 822 or complete this online form to organize a free consultation today.

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