Shutters are low maintenance and easy to clean when you follow these simple steps.

These window coverings are a serious investment in any Brisbane home. They come with a number of benefits from added privacy and security to better insulation against extremes in heat and cold. But how can you be sure that you are caring for them properly so that they’ll last?

Luckily, plantation coverings are fairly low maintenance. Depending on the material that they’re made out of, you may have to follow different instructions to clean plantation shutters for keeping them in top shape. That said, if you follow these simple steps, they should last you for decades if properly installed.

Why do they need cleaning in the first place?

After all, they’re window coverings that you probably aren’t interacting with a whole lot. Yet these versatile hangings are doing their job on the daily, so you’ll want to be sure you’re looking after them properly.

For one, dust can accumulate on them, especially on the louvers that give dust a number of flat surfaces to take root. While the dust won’t damage the shutter, it can look unsightly over time and also be a problem for people in the home with allergies.

Dirt, pollen, and other allergens can also get onto the these coverings if you have your windows open a good amount of the time – which is common during Brisbane’s long periods of warm weather. While they are blocking these elements from making it into your home full throttle, they can sometimes amass on them especially on the outside facing sides.

Finally, occasional finger prints from regular use (and perhaps younger members of the family who are curiously looking outside) can leave their mark.

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How to clean plantation shutters in simple steps

How to clean plantation shutters in 4 simple steps

The good news is that all of these factors can be easily cleaned away with regular attention and a few simple steps.

Of course, it’s best for you to check with any user manuals or manufacturer’s care instructions to make sure you never void a warranty. On the whole, they never need to be cleaned with harsh chemicals or substances, which can ruin the finish or dampen the material to the point of damaging it.

Here are some of the ways you can clean plantation shutters without too much hassle.

Step #1 – Damp cloth

Whether you have aluminium, PVC, or timber, a damp cloth can be a great way to get the grime off your louvres. Keep in mind that this should be damp shading toward dry. Do not use a soaking wet rag. Also, be sure to use a very soft cloth without any abrasive elements to it. You don’t want to scratch the finish off the window coverings when you are cleaning them. The object here is to allow the light dampness to attract any dust or grime and have it stick to the cloth. As you go along, take breaks to rinse your cloth and make sure you are wiping down the window treatment with clean material instead of just moving the dust from one shutter to the other. You can let them air dry once you are done.

Step #2 – Dry dusting

Not all cleaning requires moisture, and using a chamois or dust glove to loosen and remove any build up can also be a great way to go. Continue to refresh your duster as you go along so that you are not just sliding dust from one area to the next.

Step #3 – Vacuum

Have a soft brush vacuum attachment for your device? You can use it to clean and remove the dust and build up. This can be a great approach since you can keep moving at a continuous rate and don’t have to stop to change out clothes. You also don’t have to worry about stirring up dust into the air as you clean since the vacuum should capture it all.

Step #4 – Air out

Regardless of which method(s) you use to clean plantation shutters, it’s always a good idea to air them out from time to time. While dust or allergens can mount from the outdoors, they’re just as likely to accumulate when there is subpar airflow. Open your windows up and set your louvres open to allow the breeze to naturally keep them clear of build up. This is also an essential step if you are using damp clothes to clean. Let Mother Nature help you air dry so that warping or other damage does not occur.

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Are plantation shutters more work than other window treatments

Are shutters more work than other window treatments?

Not at all.

In fact, they’re much easier to clean than most other kinds of window treatments that are available. Consider that fabric shades can also accumulate dust but are not removable for cleaning and are much harder to wipe down than the wood, PVC, or aluminium.

Compared to curtains, you’ll never have to worry about doing bouts of laundry to keep them clean. Curtains need to be regularly taken down and aired out, either on the line or through a round in the dryer, to remove all of the dust and allergens that can gather in their folds. They are less likely to hold onto dust in the first place and are simple to wipe down, not requiring any additional steps.

How to choose the right shutters for your home

You’ll love how low maintenance these window coverings are as well as how long lasting they can be when installed properly. They have added benefits of energy efficiency, durability, and privacy options that most other window treatments simply can’t match.

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