Whether you’re trying to create a modern feel for your living room or prefer to keep the style more traditional, shutters can help you to achieve both looks.

Plantation shutters are so much more than just a decorative final touch to your windows. They add privacy while still allowing natural light to enter, help to maintain a room’s temperature, and can do wonders for noise control. Plus, when the time comes to sell your home, it can help to bump up the price.

While you can settle on internal blinds or curtains, shutters are generally more elegant. If you have young kids or pets, they’re also a wiser choice as they’re stronger and safer than blinds as they don’t use a string. To help you find the right living room plantation shutters, here are five of the main considerations to keep in mind.

#1. Material

From hollow vinyl to engineered woods to real timber, there are various types of materials available. The type of material will impact a number of things including the overall feel, and durability. So, it should be your starting point. For example, some materials lend a traditional look, while other materials, like aluminium and PVC, create a more modern look. At FKR Group, all blinds and stiles (verticle edge) are reinforced with aluminium inserts for a durable finish.

If budget is not a concern, timber is one of the most popular choices. However, if your living room’s temperature fluctuates frequently or it’s prone to moisture, you’ll find that timber will warp or crack over time. And, considering that they’re the most expensive choice, that’s the last thing that you’ll want to see happen.

So, at the end of the day, the best material for your living room plantation shutters will be determined not just by your personal preferences but what you can afford to spend and the elements to which it will be exposed.

What to consider when purchasing living room plantation shutters

#2. Colour

White is generally the most popular colour choice for living room plantation shutters in Australian homes. There are a few reasons for this.

Not only is it a neutral colour that works with basically any interior style, but it can also help to brighten up the space by reflecting light into the room. It’s also a wiser choice if your living room tends to get very hot during summer. Unlike darker colours that will absorb heat making your living room even hotter, white plantation shutters will reflect heat.

Alternatively, you can opt for other neutral colours like off-white, pearl, or beige. These colours can be just as timeless as white. If beige sounds too dull and dated to you, you can always go with a lighter gray. Similarly to white, light grays can complement virtually all colours.

Whatever your preference, all FKR Group plantation shutters come with a durable 2PAC Polyurethane paint finish with your choice of colour.

#3. Tilt

If your living room’s interior is more contemporary than traditional, it can be a good idea to go with these window coverings that have a hidden tilt rod. They add a cleaner look that works well with minimalistic design. A hidden tilt rod is also better for smaller windows.

On the other hand, if usability is more important than aesthetics, opting for a front-facing tilt rod will make more sense. Most homeowners find these easier to operate. It’s also more traditional, making them the better choice if you’re drawn to them for their traditional look.

#4. Size

The size of the louvers can change the overall look drastically. Larger option work better with larger windows and will help to create a harmonious look. What’s more, they also help to optimize the view and let in loads of natural sunlight.

However, similarly to tilt types, if you’re drawn to these window treatment for the traditional, colonial look that they’ve become well-known for, the smaller shutter louver size will tick your boxes. They’re also better if privacy is important to you or your living room’s windows are quite small.

Alternatively, you can simply stick to the standard size louver. This size offers a great compromise between the wider louver and the smaller sized one.

#5. Cost

Irrespective of which type of window covering you decide on, cost will always be a consideration. They are usually more durable. So, you can expect to pay more for this type of window covering for your living room. Depending on the material, you can expect to pay anything from $150 to three times that amount for a standard 600 mm x 800 mm shutter. And, that covers just the material cost. To put this into perspective, for the same size window blind, you’ll have to pay only about $250 (and that’s for top-of-the-range blinds).

Then, you’ll also need to keep in mind installation costs. On average, you can expect to pay $30 per square meter for measurements and an additional $80 per square meter for installation. If the provider prefers to charge an hourly rate, you can budget for anything from $90 to $125 per hour.

Breathing new life into your living room with window treatments

What to consider when purchasing living room plantation shutters

Living room plantation shutters can offer a number of benefits. To ensure that you get the best value for money, though, you need to consider several factors. Get the colour, size, tilt, or material wrong, and it might not match your current decorating style.

Considering that they’re more expensive than other options like blinds, you’ll want to weigh up all your options including which provider to hire.

The team at FKR Group is a trusted family-run business that supplies and installs Australian-made window treatments like living room plantation shutters, internal and external blinds, and curtains. All our window coverings are custom-made, and installations are covered by a warranty. Let FKR Group’s experienced team help you to decide which style will work best with your living room’s interiors. Call us on 0412 872 822 or complete this online form to organize a free consultation today.

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Factors Element 1 Element 2 Element 3 Element 4 Element 5
Material Vynil Engineered Wood Real Timber PVC Aluminium
Colour White Off-White Beige Pearl Light Gray
Tilt Hidden Tilt Rod Front Facing Tilt
Size Extra Large Extra Small Standard
Cost $90 – $125 per hour