You love the look of your shutters, but when there’s a misaligned louver or a crack in the frame, it’s important you know how to find the quick (and affordable ) fix. Read on for the top 5 most common plantation shutter problems and how to fix ‘em.

When it comes to plantation shutters, there’s a lot to love.

Sitting snugly on your window frame, modern window coverings can be found in a range of materials from robust aluminium to innovative composite materials. Unfortunately, they’re not immune to damage and breakdowns over time.

But there is good news!

Knowing the most common plantation shutter problems means you also know how to fix them without unnecessary repairs that drive up your cost. To ensure you enjoy their clean and crisp appearance for longer, we’ve rounded up the top 5 problems you’ll run into – plus simple tips to help you handle everything from minor damage to serious structural problems.

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve seen it all. So read on for the most common maintenance issues (and how to fix them).

plantation shutter problems

Problem #1 – “My louvers are broken”

They are stylish and hardy – but they’re not indestructible.

Broken louvers can come about for a range of reasons from over-excited kids, clumsy adults, curious animals, or even environmental damage. More than an eyesore, damaged louvers can let excess light and draughts into your Brisbane home.

Generally speaking, slightly damaged louvers can be repaired with wood glue or DIY fixes. Keep in mind, they’ll never look as good as new, so you’ll need to sacrifice a few aesthetic benefits if you go for this option.

If the damage is more widespread or puts the structural integrity at risk, you’ll need to replace the broken piece and replace it with a new louver.

WHAT TO DO: If you’re dealing with a busted or banged-up plantation shutter, get in touch with a member of the FKR Group team to organise a replacement. It’s easy to do more harm than good with a DIY fix, so save time and money in the long run by letting a pro handle the job.

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Problem #2 – “My magnets have fallen apart”

Your plantation shutter contains magnets that hold the structure in place. These crucial elements help keep the panel closed to the frame. Unfortunately, these magnets can wear down over time.

The common cause of magnet damage is UV damage – something all Queenslanders know about. Sun damage can weaken the plastic casing and/or magnets which leave your window treatment feeling loose.

WHAT TO DO: If your magnets are compromised, you’ll need to order replacement magnets and install them using a screwdriver. It’s best to chat to your local window shutter experts in Brisbane as all magnets are NOT the same. Avoid wasting money on the wrong hardware with a call to FKR Group on 0412 872 822.

Problem #3 – “My shutters won’t stay open”

They allow you to control light and heat coming into your Brisbane home, which means a shutter that won’t stay open is a serious headache.

The most common culprit of slats that won’t stay in place comes down to loose hinges and screws. This is typically the #1 most common plantation shutter problem, but also one of the easiest to repair!

While it’s tempting to order a replacement product or start looking into a new form of window screen, there’s a good chance that a little DIY magic can have you back in control.

WHAT TO DO: Grab the nearest screwdriver and prepare to be handy. As loss of louver strength is often caused by loose screw tension, you can open your them and look for the screws on each side of the louver. This is the tension screw and a ¼ turn to the right will tighten your sagging slats (remember, “righty tighty, lefty loosey”).

Problem #4 – “My shutters are dirty and tired”

Dirty or stained window coverings aren’t *technically* a problem. But wait until you notice muck and grime on your gorgeous window coverings and tell us it’s not an urgent concern!

Living in Brisbane can mean living near salty ocean air, as well as busy suburban roads. No matter where you call home, they can become stained through environmental pollutants as well as mess made in the home.

WHAT TO DO: A little cleaning can keep them in top condition. We recommend cleaning the window coverings with a damp cloth (no chemical cleaners required). Using a microfiber cloth can help remove dust particles and allergens to support you and your family, with these covers able to help allergy-proof your windows.

FKR GROUP TIP: We’re proud to supply high-quality, moisture resistant, and hypoallergenic plantation shutters so if you’d like to spend less of your free time doing chores, and spending more time doing literally anything else, get in touch to learn more.

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Problem #5 – “My shutters look misaligned”

They are kept aligned via small plastic pins which keep each slat in place. This allows you total control over sunlight in your Brisbane home. Unfortunately, damage to these pins can leave you with a crooked window covering that’s unsightly and ineffective.

Curious kids and overly excited pets can bang window coverings and knock pins loose, so be on the lookout for small plastic pins around your windows. These spring-loaded pins slide into place and keep each louver in place, so if you’re missing pins you’ll need to reach out to your local shutter pros.

WHAT TO DO: As mentioned, you’ll need to start by making sure all spring-loaded pins are in place. If no pins are missing, misaligned slats can be the result of warping. If you are missing pins, we can provide suitable replacements so you’re not stuck squinting when the 3 pm sun fills your living room and your damaged window coverings can’t help out.

Common plantation problems to be aware of

Shutter Panel Breakage Frame Breakage
Magnet Damage Misaligned Louvers
PVC Broken Louver Pin
Broken Shutter Staple Louver Breakage

How to keep your shutters in perfect condition

Prevention is better than a cure.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent the natural wear and tear. Minor plantation shutter problems like loose screws or misplaced pins can be fixed without too much of a problem.

However, if you’re coming home and asking questions like “why won’t my window coverings open the whole way?” or “Why is the hinge on my window coverings so difficult to move?” then you should consider getting in touch with a member of the FKR Group team.

With over 30 years of helping our Brisbane clients prolong the life of their window treatment and beautify their homes, we pride ourselves on quality advice and transparent prices. Plus, with Product Warranties ranging up to 30 years and all installations covered by warranty, you may be eligible for support now and long into the future.

Get in touch on 0412 872 822 or request a fast and FREE quote online today.

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