Trying to decide which window treatment is best for your home? For a timeless look with durability, explore the many benefits of white plantation shutters.

Ready to update your home with window treatments that look amazing, are built to last, and come in any material and colour combination you can think of? These window coverings are THE answer.

But with so many options available, why are white plantation shutters the most popular choice with homeowners across Australia? Isn’t white…just plain? Or – gasp – boring?

While colour can seem like just a design choice, it can actually play a larger role in the overall value and experience you have. To help you narrow down your choices and find the best one, we’re taking a closer look at why white is the height of selection.

What makes shutters unique as a window treatment?

Before you can start choosing your colourway or finishing touches, you have to settle on the type of window treatment you want. And they are a surefire way to add design and durability to your space.

They are made of solid materials, usually wood, engineered wood, aluminium, or PVC. All of these material options are solid and designed to last for decades. Each comes with its own menu of design options. For example, real timber can be stained to custom match the look of a space, whereas aluminium will come ready-to-hang and powder coated in the finish of your choice.

Aside from design, they offer benefits including light control with hinged panels and adjustable louvres which give you precision handling of how much sun you let into your space (or not). The solid materials also help with temperature regulation by keeping the heat and cold out during extremes in weather.

What makes white plantation shutters the most popular colour?

With so many options to choose from, why does basic white reign supreme with most buyers and home owners? While much when it comes to design is personal preference, white plantation shutters remain a popular pick for everything from traditional to modern homes.

Neutral design

White is an amazing neutral colour that is compatible with nearly any other design elements of colours in your design scheme. This gives you freedom to change your furniture, wall colours, and more while keeping them imeless. White also tends to match the trim in most homes, helping them to blend in as an integrated part of your window treatments.

And having these window coverings doesn’t mean you have to forego drapes or valances. These fabrics can give you room to express your creative whims against a neutral white backdrop of shutters without worrying about extensive costs.

Brightens spaces

Not only is the colour of the shutter itself bright and fresh, it can also reflect light into the room. Open the panels or tilt the louvers, and instantly brighten your space without sacrificing all of your privacy.

Controls temperatures

All options help to regulate temperatures in spaces to an extent by their inherent insulating properties. But the colour you choose also comes down to a science when talking about temperatures. Darker colours absorb heat, which can make your rooms a bit warmer when the sun heats things up. White plantation shutters, on the other hand, are a light colour that will reflect heat and prevent your rooms from becoming even hotter in the warmer months.

Material choices

Choosing white as your colour does not mean you are tied into choosing a particular material. PVC or vinyl tend to be the least expensive option and come standard in white. For homeowners looking for aluminium, pre-finished and powder coated shutters in white (or aluminium with a PVC shell) can be a great choice. Of course, some buyers and budgets can accommodate timber, and wood grain can certainly be finished in whitewash or solid white for a sturdy and ageless look.

Timeless value

They are designed to last for decades and beyond. Not only will you want something timeless for your enjoyment in the home, but potential buyers will want the same if and when you decide to put your home on the market.

They immediately add value to your home, since they are left behind and considered a permanent fixture. But buyers are almost always attracted to neutral colours that give them the freedom to customise the space to their own tastes. Bright red might match your aesthetic, but a prospective buyer may just see the expense of refinishing or replacing them when they tour your home.

Why white shutters might not be the right choice for your home

In a way, it all comes down to personal preference. While white is timeless, it is bright and stark in contrast to other options like deep hues or light stains and woodgrains. And depending on your flooring, trim work, and furnishings, white simply might not be a match for the aesthetic you have going today.

In this case, consider another neutral finish that can compliment your design but still give you flexibility if you change other design details in your home in the future. Remember, you might love your blue walls or black trim shades today. But in 10 or 20 years, when you go to change these colours as inevitably happens, you’ll still have your window coverings in place. And those are harder, more expensive, and less forgiving to change the colour on than it is to change your carpeting or curtains.

Great alternatives to white can include natural colours that match the woodgrains or stains in your home. A professional service can look at your flooring, trim, or cabinetry and provide guidance on how to finish the window coverings to match. In some cases, you may be able to achieve the look you want with engineered wood, rather than real timber, to save some money. Just remember that engineered materials cannot be refinished later on.

Neutrals such as off white, beige, or pearl can also be timeless without tying you into the stark and bright colourways of a pure white. Lighter greys are also rising in popularity for their sleek modern aesthetic and ability to go coordinate with nearly any other colour that surrounds them in a space.

FKR GROUP TIP: Looking for something a little brighter? Our range of plantation shutters is available in a durable paint finish using 2PAC Polyurethane paint that’s easy to clean and mark resistant. Chat to a member of the team to discuss tour wide range of colour options.

Get a quote for white plantation shutters for your home today!

White plantation shutters remain the most popular choice in Australian homes, and with good reason. It also happens that with their popularity comes availability. White plantation shutters tend to be in stock and ready to ship from most manufactures. Compare this to a custom order for wood grain with a teal stain, and you’ll possibly be waiting much longer to get them delivered and installed (but they could still look amazing!).

No matter what colour you are considering, you can’t go wrong choosing this option for your home. And choosing a colour is just the start of the process. All options are custom fit to make sure they are framed perfectly in your space, and many offer options for different hinge operation and louvre sizes.

To get started, you’ll want to turn to the pros at FKR Group. We’ve been manufacturing and installing custom window coverings for homeowners across Queensland for over 30 years. All of our products are backed by superior service and a 30-year warranty, so you never have to worry about receiving anything but first-class care.

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