If you want to make your Brisbane home more vibrant while adding an extra layer of security to your property, you can’t go wrong with these shutters.

They are becoming increasingly popular in Australia—and plantation shutters come in a range of styles or varieties.

Now, as one of Australia’s leading blind and shutter experts, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about plantation shutters, covering the core concepts, benefits, and of course, choices.

All You Need To Know About Plantation Shutters

What are plantation shutters

Bold, sturdy, and built to last, they are an elegant branch of the interior and exterior blind family.

The name derives from the plantations in the deep south of America—large buildings with wooden clad window coverings fixed to the inside as well outside of the property.

In addition to their striking looks, they are unique in the way that they aren’t fixed in a single position. Instead, it’s possible to tilt the slats or louvres at a variety of angles depending on the level of natural light you want to let into your home.

The benefits of installing plantation shutters

The benefits of installing shutters

They will offer a wealth of benefits to your Brisbane home—and we’re going to take a look at them now.

Noise reduction & insulation

Boasting a sturdy, multi-slated design, plantation blinds are excellent at reducing outside noises, creating a calmer, more peaceful home in the process.

In addition to their noise reducing qualities, these window coverings also provide an extra layer of insulation, which will not only keep you cosy in the cooler months but also reduce your annual energy bills. A real win-win.

Light control

As mentioned, you can fix plantation blind slats in several positions, meaning that it’s possible to control the amount of natural light you let into a room.

If you’re looking for bright airy warmth, for instance, you can open them right up. But, if you want to create a sense of ambience, shutting the slats three-quarters the way down will do the trick. And, of course, there’s pretty much every other type of variation in between.


We did touch on this earlier but it’s important so we’ll say it again: plantation blinds provide additional home security.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind or safety and as they are durable and crafted with top-grade materials, they not only provide added insulation, aesthetics, and light control, but they also make your home more secure. This is especially beneficial if you have pets or children.

Looks. Looks. Looks

There’s no doubt about it: they look stunning. With a perfect balance of modern chic and traditional elegance, they work wonderfully in just about every room in the home. Offering colour flexibility with durable, easy-to-maintain 2PAC Polyurethane paint, you can complement your home’s decor or opt for a striking contrast.

Whatever your choice, window treatment will definitely enhance your home’s interiors—and as they are popular as well as timeless, they will add value to your home. All in all, an excellent investment.

Choosing the right shutters for your Brisbane home

Now that you know just how amazing window coverings are, it’s likely that you want to get some for your home.

To find the perfect solution for your home, you should consider your existing decor theme as well as the rooms in which you want to install them.

Once you’ve made these important decisions, you should consult a local shutter expert—like us.

Why choose FKR Group for your plantation shutter needs…

  • We are a family-run business with 30 years of local industry experience
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