Once upon a time, every house on your street had blinds or curtains installed on its premises.

Now, more and more Brisbane homeowners are turning to window coverings to enjoy the light control, low-maintenance finish, and aesthetic advantages that blinds and curtains can only dream of.

That’s probably why you’re here too.

Maybe you saw a striking plantation shutter on the window of a neighbour’s home. You might have sat on a backyard patio surrounded by versatile aluminium options. Or, you may have been shocked at the incredible finish of a composite shutter that looks *exactly* like natural timber but with uneatable durability.

Whatever reason you’re here, we’ll show you why you’re in the right place.

Today’s window coverings can be a stylish and practical addition to your home. Here are 5 benefits of installing shutters (plus more of your burning questions answered, too).

5 benefits of installing shutters in your Brisbane home

Is your home fitting in or standing out?

Opting for them is more common (but more visually dull and inflexible) window coverings like curtains and blinds means enjoying a ton of advantages, both practical and aesthetic.

If you’re on the fence about how to style your home, or looking for a cost-effective way to elevate your living, here are five undeniable reasons you should make the switch to window coverings.

#1 – Extra security

A staggering 83% of people in Brisbane know someone who has had their home broken into.

It’s easy to think your property will be secure, especially if you live in a quiet suburb outside of the city, but these figures show how easy it is to become a statistic.

This installation, whether plantation, palm bay, or aluminium, adds an extra deterrent for would-be thieves. Instead of a flimsy curtain pulled behind a pane of glass, your window coverings close off the line of sight into your home and help convince burglars that they’ll face more challenges than they want when looking to enter your home.

#2 – Superior light control

For Brisbane homeowners with curtains, the options are limited.

Open. Closed.

That’s it.

Substitute these window coverings and you have flexible control over the amount of light entering your home. Whether you want extra light in the morning during summer, or to keep light out and control how much enters your bedroom, you’re in control.

Since these window coverings allow you to regulate light better than curtains or blinds, you also rely less on your home’s lights which means you’re playing your part to bring your power bill down.


#3 – Timeless design

Let’s be honest, when your home is your sanctuary, you don’t want to install window coverings that leave you feeling underwhelmed and uninspired.

They come in a wide range of styles and designs, whether a gorgeous plantation shutter or modern and cutting-edge aluminium options, that provide an undeniable WOW factor when you wake up each morning (you might also make the neighbours jealous too!).

Able to elevate the aesthetic of any home, they can easily align with your interior decor as well as transform the face of your home. In fact, there are few home improvement changes you can make that have the potential to stand the test of time the way these window coverings can.

What are the benefits of installing shutters in your home

#4 – Noise control

Did you hear that?

Neither did we.

They provide a natural sound barrier to keep out the sounds of daily life. Whether you’re a shift worker looking to protect your crucial sleep, you enjoy a good Sunday snooze without being disturbed, or the dog down the street just won’t stop barking, window coverings mean you can regulate noise.

Unlike blinds or curtains which can only be used to help regular light (and even then you won’t have the same control as these coverings), installing them means all you need to do is swing your coverings back to the window and enjoy your well-earned zzz’s.

#5 – Easy to clean


One of the worst words in the English language.

As much as you love your home, we’re willing to bet you don’t want to spend hours every weekend cleaning and wiping down surfaces. And when you install them, you won’t have to!

While blinds and curtains can get dirty and difficult to clean, these window coverings are engineered to be durable and hard-wearing, so you won’t face the same build-up of muck and grime. Even better, when it is time to clean them, you’ll simply need to wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth to enjoy sparkling clean window coverings in your home.

Are they expensive?

The average Queensland homeowner spends $2,200 per window on plantation options.

But that price doesn’t help you very much when you’re drawing up a budget for your next home improvement project. When determining the cost of your new window coverings, you’ll need to factor in a variety of things including how many coverings you need, how large each shutter will be, and the total amount of them in soiree metres.

As a reference, check out the chart below.

Material Average Cost/m2
PVC or Vinyl $200 – $300/m2
Wood $350 – $700/m2
Aluminium $350 – $450/m2
Teak $400/m2

*Note: These figures do not include installation

As with any addition to your home, it’s best to speak to a local expert for a complete breakdown of prices (plus any unforeseen costs that can drive your budget up).

You can reach out to a member of FKR Group on 0412 872 822 for more information. Or, check out our official ‘Brisbane Shutter Price Guide’ for more costs.

How long do they last?

What are you doing in 10 or 20 years from now?

You’re not sure? Well your window coverings are.

They can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years depending on the material, exposure to the elements, and level of care. In fact, they are typically considered the longest-lasting window treatment available. This is because they are considered a permanent fixture once installed (unlike blinds which can be removed easily).

This is also why they are the only window covering that can add value to your home if you ever decide to pack up and sell.

In terms of the specific longevity of each material, natural timber is considered one of the most robust and long lasting choices, with composite options a more cost-effective but still durable option.

What are the benefits of installing shutters in your home

What are the benefits of installing shutters in your home

Let’s sum up what we’ve learned…

If you’re like most Queensland homeowners looking for a durable and eye-catching window covering, you’ll have thought “are window coverings really worth it?”.

As the 5 benefits of installing shutters outlined in this guide show, the answer is a resounding “YES”.

As a final benefit, we probably don’t need to tell you that electricity prices are a common concern for Queenslanders. Unfortunately, residential electricity prices are expected to jump by up to 10% this year. Installing your own window coverings means keeping unwanted heat out (so no need to turn up the A/C), and keeping warmth in (so no need to crank up the heater).

When you keep heat out in the summer and keep heat in during winter, you can spend less on power and enjoy a window covering that’s truly the leader of the pack across practical and aesthetic benefits.

Love what you’ve learned and keen to know more? Reach out to a member of FKR Group on 0412 872 822 or organise a 100% free measure and quote online today!

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