Get your window treatments on a real roll with the best roller blinds.

Thinking outdated, old fashioned, and rickety when you think of roller blinds?

Think again.

Gone are the days of your grandma’s vinyl blinds. Now customers have a bevy of options to choose from, making them a premier choice for any home or business. From fabric selections to motorisation and double roller options, you can create the window treatment of your dreams. And you can even keep your existing curtains while doing it.

But if you want the best of the best, how can you tell what the best roller blinds are?

In part, this might just come down to how well your provider can work with you to create a custom, made-to-measure solution for your window treatments. And that makes it a personal preference. But in general, through our experience, we’ve found that there are some staples to look for when choosing your window treatments

What to look for in your blinds provider

To this end, we’re starting with what you should look for in a Brisbane-based seller. That’s right. Who you choose is going to limit, or expand, the options that you have available to you. Many window specialists limit their selection to keep their prices down without considering what the client may want or need when it comes to functionality or design. As you look for a provider, here are some questions to ask:

  • What brands do you work with?
  • Are you able to do custom orders?
  • Do you do made-to measure-blinds?
  • What warranties do you offer on the products?
  • Are there workmanship guarantees on the installation?
  • Do you charge separately for installs?
  • Can I install the window treatment myself?
  • Do you offer free quote and measure services?

How to choose the best roller blinds

With a provider in mind, you can get down to the business of defining, for you and you alone, what makes the best roller blinds for your home or business. One of the great things about them is how versatile they are, coming in a variety of different fabrics, colours, and formats. You can, with the right provider and installer, likely find the perfect match for your needs with just a bit of imagination. Here are the top factors to consider when choosing your own window coverings.


Blinds can come in near limitless colours and fabrics, making them easy to match to any style. But keep in mind that while styles or fads come and go, your window coverings are designed to last. Consider going with a timeless white or another neutral colour that will match your décor today as well as years from now. This can also make them more appealing to potential future homebuyers as well, should you decide to list your house.

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How you open and close your window coverings can be different depending on your needs. While many options traditionally come with a cord that allows users to pull to open or close them, families with small children may want to eliminate this. Thankfully, there are also options for cordless operation, either by pull down toggle operation or through motorisation options.


In addition to colour, you also need to choose whether you want them to filter light or black out a room. One option that many homeowners look for are double blinds, with two separate rollers and fabrics so you can choose when and how you want to let the light in.


In addition to options for colour and thickness, you’ll also be able to dictate what your window coverings are actually made of. While polyester reigns popular, you aren’t limited to this material. Consider waterproof materials for your bathrooms or kitchens where moisture abounds. You can also opt for sheers, cottons, wools, viscose, and even silk to meet your needs in other spaces like living rooms and bedrooms.


Don’t fall for out of the box, one-size-fits-all options for your window treatments. You’re likely to be disappointed. Made-to-measure may cost a bit more (see below), but you’ll be guaranteed to have the best roller blinds available that also actually fit the window you have in mind. And that can be worth the peace of mind in the end!


Budget matters, and you’ll want to have a sense of what all this will cost you as you option out your window treatments. With so many options to choose from, you can expect them to cost anywhere from $40-$140 per window.

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Brisbane’s best blinds are made by FKR Group

Choosing the best roller blinds that are best for your home is a personal choice, one that’s a factor of fashion, function, and finances. Look for a provider that has a wide range of options so that you can play around with ideas and find the top fit for your windows.

With over 30 years of experience, the team at FKR Group has been helping homeowners across Brisbane and the surrounds create custom window treatments that meet every need. No matter your project size or budget, FKR Group is ready to consult with you to help you choose the styles, colours, and materials you are most interested in for your home.

We stand by every installation with a workmanship warranty and only recommend the best products and materials that have warranties available as well, giving customers peace of mind on their investment in their home. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and it all starts with a free measure and quote. To schedule yours, call us on 0412 872 822 today.

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