Are you thinking of refreshing your home or office and are now considering the pros and cons of roller blinds?

They may be simple in theory, but their list of advantages is looooong. That’s why more and more Brisbane homeowners are turning these window coverings their interior window covering of choice.

Although this option is inexpensive, cost isn’t the only factor that makes these stylish window coverings popular with families and even business owners looking to beat the heat, control privacy levels, and elevate the appearance of their property.

If you want a window covering that’s easy to maintain, looks great in your home, and gives you control over light and heat (so you’re not sweating in your living room), consider roller blinds.

Odds are we’re telling you about advantages you already know, so let’s dive a little deeper and unpack the pros and cons of roller blinds.

How do they work?

The easiest way to understand how something works is to break down its parts. Here are the different pieces that make up the average roller blind:

  • Solid sheet of fabric
  • Hollow tube
  • Internal mechanics
  • Mounting parts
  • Chain
  • Bottom rail

The basic concept of a roller blind is simple. The fabric sheet is rolled around a tube and mounted in or adjacent to your window frame. When you pull your roller coverings closed, the fabric unwinds and is rolled back around the tube when you open your window coverings to let sunlight in.

There are a variety of ways to operate a roller blind, but all share the same benefits that make them a popular choice for Brisbane homeowners (more on that below).

How long do these blinds last?

When installed properly, they can add a privacy screen and light/temperature control that transforms the look and feel of your home from the inside out. With the right care and proper maintenance, high-quality options can last for up to 10 years, though you’ll need to be on the lookout for signs of damage or deterioration. For example mildew or malfunctions like a broken chain.

When it comes to the lifespan, you’ll need to take into account the following variables:

  • Fabric type
  • Tubing materials
  • Operating system
  • UV resistant treatment

Although the position of windows in your home, your usage, and any external environmental factors will all affect product durability, high quality rollers can last for years and years (just another advantage you’ll enjoy, but more on those below).

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What are the benefits of installing blinds?

Whatever window shade you choose will come with advantages and disadvantages. If you’re considering installing these window treatments, there are plenty of benefits coming your way. Here’s a look at some of the best features of these easy-to-operate window coverings.

Easy light filtering: Frustrated by the sharp morning sun landing on your Brisbane home’s windows? With these window coverings in place you can lower them for instant UV protection without plunging your home into full darkness.

Highly versatile: Your home is a reflection of you – which makes the highly customisable design an ideal addition. Choose from an array of colours, patterns, textures and styles to match your home’s decor.

Motorisation: Classic blinds are easy to operate with dangling cords, but you can also upgrade to smart or electric blinds which can be operated by remote for a convenient and hands-free way to control light and heat in your home.

Energy efficient: Your home battles some brutal summer months in Queensland. You can use blockout fabrics to stop all light entering a room. This helps keep unwanted heat out, makes your home more energy efficient, and can even help lower your next energy bill too.

Easy to clean: Let’s be honest, you’ve got better things to do than scrub your window coverings all weekend – and with these window treatments you won’t have to! They don’t need to be washed and can be brushed and vacuumed in a handful of minutes, which means you get more free time to yourself.

Highly affordable: Thanks to their straightforward and simple design, roller coverings won’t break the bank. Compared to other window covering options, your new window coverings can elevate your entire home without stinging your budget.

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What are the downsides of blinds to be aware of?

✘ May not be suitable for all window types: Although they can be customised, you may find it difficult to install them on irregular shaped windows or especially narrow window openings. At FKR Group, we work with customised blinds so if you are dealing with unusual window shapes or sizes, reach out and chat to our team to discuss your possible options.

✘ May move when window is open: If they don’t have a locking mechanism, then leaving them down with the window open may result in movement. This can be avoided with Perfect Fit blinds that are fully enclosed and don’t leave space for wind to create movement.

✘ Not the strongest window covering: They are not a suitable security barrier, unlike plantation shutters which are more robust and help create a barrier against the outside world more effectively. You may notice small gaps where multiple blinds meet, but this can be avoided with custom Perfect Fit blinds.

Pros and Cons of Roller blinds at a glance

Pros Cons
✔ Highly customisable and versatile

✔ Easy to clean to save you time and effort

✔ Inexpensive and budget-friendly

✔ Filter light and provide privacy

✔ Energy efficient

✘ Unsuitable for very narrow windows

✘ May flap in the breeze if window is open

✘ Small gaps where blinds meet (17-30mm)

✘ Not the strongest window covering

Trust the experts at FKR Group for all your roller blind needs

If you’ve been on the fence about installing new roller blinds, reading articles and spending hours on Google can leave you more confused than when you started.

At FKR Group, our ethos is that service really matters. That means we don’t just provide product warranties ranging up to 30 years for your peace of mind or supply custom-built blinds that fit seamlessly with your home, we’re committed to taking the time to help you understand your options and move forward with the product that’s right for you.

Our team of expert roller blind installers in Brisbane are happy to come to your property for an obligation-free measure and quote. After all, we have over 30 years of experience, making us Brisbane’s leading experts in window coverings.

As a local, family owned and operated business that truly believes the customer is always right, we’ll help you budget and plan with confidence with a free, personalised, on-site quote. Just reach out on 0412 872 822 or request a quote online today.

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