Installing blinds for your windows is one of the most common ways to manage the light coming into your home. They are also a practical design element, adding color or texture to a space while also helping to insulate against extremes in heat and cold.

Blinds come in many shapes and types, each of which may be better suited to different spaces depending on your needs and the material of the blinds themselves. These blinds, which simply roll up when retracted, come in a variety of materials and are great for smaller spaces.

They can be a great choice in a bathroom or kitchen since you can purchase them in materials that repel water and are easy to wipe clean. The blinds are also great to use in bedrooms since they are capable of blocking out light and can be hung along with other decorative curtains.

They are quite versatile and are usually custom made depending on the size of your window. While they can be cost effective, it’s important to know how to properly choose the right blinds for your windows since choosing wrong could cost you more in the end. There are a number of factors that affect roller blinds cost in Brisbane. To help you budget for your home project, we’ll take a closer look here at what can affect this pricing and how you can get an accurate estimate.

Why should I consider roller blinds over other window coverings?

In many ways, this is a design preference. Some people like the streamlined look of a roller blind that only covers the exact area of the window itself. Compared to other types of blinds like cellular, venetian, or pleated styles, roller blinds require less material, take up less space when retracted, and are easier to keep clean.

This can also be the case with curtains. While some homeowners pair blinds with curtains (one for functionality and one for aesthetics), curtains tend to hold dust and cost more since they require more material. They are much more energy efficient than curtains, too.

They can also be surprisingly long lasting. While most manufacturers will warranty their products for up to 5 years, your blinds could last decades if you install them properly and handle them correctly. Of course, the more wear and tear you put on them, the sooner you could look to replace them.

What impacts the price of roller blinds?

They are generally considered cost effective when compared to other types of blinds. They have fewer moving parts and are generally easier to manufacture because of their design. Typically, they are made from a single sheet of material that can be rolled up onto a headrail. This headrail is installed at the top of the window and includes either a chain or spring that lets you roll the blind up or down.

When comparing blinds to one another, the pricing varies depending on the options you choose. While this makes it hard to say what a typical cost can be, you’ll have a lot more flexibility to design blinds that fit your budget. Here are a few of the factors that will affect any estimates you get for roller blinds cost in Brisbane.

#1 – Type

Roller blinds are mainly classified based on how you plan to use them. This is often the most common indicator of price, too. There are four main types.

Blockout blinds

These are typically used in bedrooms where you may want total privacy and light protection. It’s the best option for people who want total blackout in their rooms, as its fabric certainly won’t let any sunlight or streetlight filter in. Plain blockout blinds also cost less compared to those made with designer fabrics.

Light filter blinds

Choose these for rooms where you still want a bit of sunlight coming in. They offer a bit of privacy while letting in some light for your space. Light filter blinds are typically used in living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. You can also install them in a bedroom if you’re not sensitive to some light coming through.

Sunscreen blinds

These blinds are commonly used in areas where you need outside light to illuminate your room. Study and meeting rooms usually utilize this type to allow sunlight to brighten the space. However, sunscreen blinds offer little to no privacy. Still, they are able to filter a certain amount of sunlight and create ambient surroundings.

Day and night blinds

The most expensive option when it comes to roller blinds, they are also known as dual blinds since they combine two types into one single option. This type includes a sunscreen fabric that you can use during the day and a blockout fabric that you can use at night. It simply offers the best of both worlds and can be used in any room. As such, it also comes at a higher price.

#2 – Size

As a general rule, the larger the window area you are trying to cover, the more expensive the roller blinds will be. For one, wider windows will require a longer headrail, which is typically more expensive than the actual fabric used in the construction of the blind. Of course, larger blinds do require more material overall as well as longer side chains or more substantial brackets to secure them to the window jam.

Keep in mind that most professionals charge installation services per square meter. If you have huge windows at your house, you’re more likely to pay more. Custom-sized windows also cost a higher fee.

#3 – Material

The fabric or material you choose for your roller blinds can affect price too. Lighter weight fabrics or lower-end synthetics will reduce the cost overall but could let in more light or serve as less efficient insulators. Custom ordered fabrics that match the decor of your home tend to drive the costs up over stock fabrics or materials.

Sunscreen blinds typically use transparent material but can effectively diffuse the light going in. They’re more affordable but offer almost no privacy. On the other hand, blackout blinds use thick material that offers complete privacy but also comes at a higher price.

#4 – Ready-made vs. made-to-measure

If you have a standard size window, you may opt to purchase ready-made blinds. These are more affordable because they are manufactured in bulk. However, if you want roller blinds that are sure to fit your windows, it’s best to order made-to-measure product. While having professionals install your window coverings may increase the price, you can be sure that they’ll meet all of your needs and requirements.

#5 – Effort

A simple installation job will cost less than having to first remove old or damaged blinds before installation. If there are additional services required to finish the project, such as preparing or repairing window frame, expect to pay more in the total bill.

#6 – Mechanisms

Roller blinds can be opened either using a side chain or a spring mechanism that retracts the blind itself. Some homeowners don’t want to go around raising and lowering each blind themselves, but they want the benefits of the blinds. Here, you can opt for cordless or motorized blinds that can be controlled remotely. Of course, this will also add to the cost quite a bit.

How much will roller blinds cost in Brisbane?

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40-140 in Brisbane. This range covers the material cost of a roller blind that can fit a 600 mm x 600 mm standard sized window. For larger and custom-sized windows, you can expect to pay more. If you want to upgrade your blinds with an electronic control system, be ready to pay an additional $250 to $300 for the controller.

The wide price range is mainly impacted by the material the blinds are made of. To help you estimate your own project, first decide the type of blind you need for your space. Then measure your windows.

You can use this information to review the below table and get a more accurate estimate for the roller blinds cost. Note that this does not include extra costs for measuring, fitting, and installation.

Size Blockout Light Filter Sunscreen Day and Night
600 mm x 600 mm $80-150 $70-135 $60-80 $100-170
800 mm x 1200 mm $90-180 $80-160 $70-100 $110-200
1400 mm x 1200 mm $120-260 $110-240 $90-140 $150-300
2200 mm x 2100 mm $160-370 $140-340 $120-230 $200-440

What does roller blinds installation cost?

Getting the right size is crucial to its overall look and performance. When you purchase these blinds from general retailers and hardware stores, measuring and fitting the blind is usually left as the customer’s responsibility. So while you can save on purchasing the blind itself, you run the risk of getting the wrong size when you buy off a hardware store.

You might also be looking to save on the installation itself. However, what you’ll save in installation costs you could spend later in replacement blinds or repairs if not done properly. In most cases, it’s best to leave the measuring, fitting, and installation to a professional, licensed installer.

Depending on the type you choose, the average rate for installation services is $30-50 per square meter. If old blinds need to be cleared away first, removal services may cost an additional $50-100 to the total price of the job. If you need to have your roller blinds repaired, it can cost somewhere between $85 to $115 depending on the complexity.

Control light and privacy in your home

If you’re looking for a way to increase privacy and adjust the lighting within your home, these blinds are a great budget option for your windows. You can have them installed for as little as $80 per window, but the roller blinds cost is affected by various factors such as the size, material, type, and mechanism of your roller blind.

If you reside in Brisbane, the FKR Group offers smooth supply and installation services that’ll guarantee an excellent job and performance. Call us at 0412 872 822 or request a free measure and quote today.

Size Blockout Light Filter Sunscreen Day and Night
600 mm x 600 mm $80-150 $70-135 $60-80 $100-170
800 mm x 1200 mm $90-180 $80-160 $70-100 $110-200
1400 mm x 1200 mm $120-260 $110-240 $90-140 $150-300
2200 mm x 2100 mm $160-370 $140-340 $120-230 $200-440