Add privacy and style to your home with shutters cost that won’t break the bank.

These window coverings are just one of the many ways that Brisbane homeowners can add privacy and style to their home in the same swoop. With custom made options for inside and outside a house, you can add designer flair while also controlling light, sight lines, and air flow, to name a few.

They are so versatile that they’re designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. What style you choose, along with a few other factors, will affect the overall cost of the project. But the great news is that they are also an investment in your home, one that will last for years to come and provide value not just for you but for potential buyers down the line if you decide to move house.

With so many different options available when it comes to window treatments – from curtains to blinds – these window treatments stand out for their durability, minimal maintenance, and added security that they provide the home.

If you’re wondering what shutters cost in Brisbane and how you can add them to your home, read on through our comprehensive guide.

Speaking of which, why choose shutters over other options?

In part, it does come down to aesthetic approach.

Some homeowners simply prefer the clean lines and the overall look and feel that these window coverings give their home compared to other solutions like shades or blinds. They also allow for different modes of operability compared to indoor and outdoor solutions like shades that can only roll up or down. They can swing or slide open and closed in addition to controlling the light that comes through using the tilt rods and louvre systems that come built into them.

They come with a variety of different benefits including:

  • Extra privacy
  • Increased light control
  • Added security
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Increased property value
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Quality fire safe materials
  • Enhanced moisture resistance
  • Incredible warranties
  • Long-lasting durability

What affects shutters cost in Brisbane?

There are going to be a number of factors that go into your shutters cost. The most important factor to keep in mind is that the best option for your home will be customised to your exact windows and needs. No cookie-cutter window treatments here. As a result, you have any number of different options to choose from, which can raise or lower the cost accordingly.


Are you looking at indoor plantation or outdoor option for an entertaining space? The options are available for both, but the materials, styles, and inclusions for each are going to vary. You’ll want to start with your consultant by covering the area, or areas, that you’ll want to have window treatments for. This, in turn, will affect a few more factors…


When it comes to plantation variation, there are several options for materials. The most common are timber, aluminium, PVC vinyl, and composite. Each has its own benefits and come with their own specific recommended applications. For damp spaces, you may want to consider PVC or composite instead. And when it comes to the great outdoors, you’re likely looking at extruded aluminium to get the job done right.


How your window coverings are hung can also have an effect on the price. You might be surprised to learn that not all window coverings must be hinged and hung to resemble a standard door frame. They can also be bi-fold, slider, fixed, and even mounted in harder to design for places like bay windows. Each of these mounting systems will come with its own cost as well as affect the time it takes to install them, which can add to the total installation price that’s often separate from the cost of the materials themselves.


Each of these shutter materials, in their own turn, can come in a variety of different finishes and colourways to further customise your look. Some manufacturers will offer standard versus custom colours that affect the pricing and availability of the materials you have in mind. Consider that outdoor option can come in aluminium in a variety of colours as well as finishes such as matte, gloss, and even wood grain wraps.


Here, size applies to a few different things. First, we’re talking about the actual size of the shutter itself, which will affect the amount of material needed to cover your window and, thus, the price. However, you can also customise them to have different size louvres, or blades, that will allow you to control the level of light and privacy in your space. The more louvres you have, the smaller the slats will be but the more material will be needed to install, hence affecting the price.


You can also customise them with a variety of add-ons to make them truly your own. Want to increase security by adding locks and bolts? You certainly can, but it will add to the cost. Looking for a customised way to operate your louvres? You can move where and how the tilt rods work to give them a unique and streamlined look. There are even motorization options available in some cases.

How much do shutters cost in Brisbane?

With all that said, it should come as no surprise that there’s no straight answer to how much they will cost. It all depends on how many you need, the size of your windows, and the customisations that you choose to make your window treatments one of a kind. However, there are some common prices that you can use to benchmark a project and get a better sense of what the costs might be for your home.

Shutter Type Average Cost per m2
Outdoor aluminium $350-$450
PVC $180–$220
Soft Wood $200–$400
Engineered Wood $200–$400

Keep in mind that these are averages only. You’ll also need to account for installation fees, which are going to vary by provider and depend on the complexity as well as the scope and size of the installation project. Typical installation fees run around $80/m2 or between $60-$100 per hour.

The best way to budget accurately for any window treatment is to request a custom measure and quote for your exact windows with the materials and add-ons relevant to your own project.

Why you should choose FKR Group for your shutter project

We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, so there isn’t a window type or window treatment that we haven’t seen or solved. We also pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality, custom materials and products with robust warranties that reflect our passion for quality.

We’re also all about the customer experience. If you’re looking for window treatments, we want to hear about your style, needs, and budget and will work with that information to create a custom plan for your space. No pushy sales reps or gimmicks. We’re simply here to support and fulfil your vision for your space. Every project starts with a no-obligation free measure and quote so you can get a better sense of what your dream window treatments will cost. To get started on your own journey, just call us on 0412 872 822 today.

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