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Having strangers looking into your house from across the street during a family gathering or a little party with some friends is never a good experience. If you need professional help to choose and install privacy screens in Brisbane, FKR Group is here to help.

They are designed to add an extra layer of privacy and security to homes and offices. They are available in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes. And, they can also be tailored to fit a variety of landscaping themes and decorations.

Aside from the screen’s aesthetic value, the screen’s ease of installation should also be taken into account. That’s why there’s a need for professional installation services in order to prevent unnecessary damage costs from DIY installation. You’ll also benefit from the associated warranty when you use a professional install. If you mess up the install, it will end up costing you more money and you’ll have a lot of unnecessary stress to contend with.

At FKR Group, not only do we render professional installation services, but we also offer delivery services. So, if you order these products from our place, you can just relax while we get the job done for you.

Looking to compare your options while still enjoying modern, functional, privacy shutters? Check out our range below and see the FKR Group difference for yourself.

Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens Brisbane

What’s the best material?

There is no single ‘best’ material as each has its pros and cons. Aluminium is a popular option due to its durability and affordability. Wood is always an option, but it needs to be property finished and regularly maintained. For privacy screens, aluminium is among the best. It is light and strong, as well as being resistant to corrosion. These products can also be made from PVC, synthetic glass, or a mix of different components. If unsure, contact us for more information on what the best material is for your exact circumstances.

What is the cost?

The cost will depend on the size and the materials. This is why you should make a clear plan beforehand to avoid unnecessary expenses. Moreover, the complexity will also need to be considered.

Because they are intended for outdoor use, they must be able to withstand a variety of extreme weather. Therefore, people often use sturdy materials like perforated aluminium slats and synthetic glass.

The installation and purchase of aluminium privacy screens can cost you in the region of $500 – 700 per square metre. An extra installer might cost $80 per hour (if it takes more than one installer) and you might pay around $200 extra if the concrete is required for the fence posts. Gates and extra fence posts will all come at additional costs, as will security features such as locks.

If you aim for a more natural look, you can also opt for Brisbane’s plant-based and timber products. However, these covers will require more maintenance and trimming. Every privacy product at FKR Group is made with top-notch materials. Regardless of the type you choose, our staff will always provide you with the most competitive price.

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How long is the installation process?

A number of factors will affect the time taken for privacy screens installation. The time taken to complete the installation varies depending on:

  • The total size
  • Whether concrete is required
  • How many fence posts are required
  • The material the privacy screen is made of
  • How many people are there for the installation (rarely more than two)
  • The difficulty of site access
  • Number of gates required (if any)
  • Whether foundations are required
  • Removal of existing fence or product

In most instances, it will only take one or two days to complete the installation. But for maximum safety, you want to work with an experienced installer. FKR Group has over 30 years of experience in screen installation in Brisbane. We know how to get it done as quickly as possible without compromising on quality. It’s better to be concerned with project quality than project speed, though a balance does have to be found.

How does the privacy screen installation process work?

Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll send you a team to conduct a survey and measurement on your property right away. After that, we’ll make a project estimate for you.

We can begin the preparation process once you have reviewed and confirmed everything. Marking and securing the location of gas, water, cables, and utility lines are all part of this process.

We’ll make sure that all of our crew members are working according to the project’s specifications during the installation process. Now that you have your screens installed at your place, we will let you do a final inspection to make sure that you are satisfied with the result.

We come to you for your quote and accurate measurements. This ensures the installation process runs as smoothly as possible.

Call now for a fast and free quote on 📞0412 872 822.

Frequently Asked Questions About Privacy Screens In Brisbane

What are the benefits of a professional privacy screen installation?

The concept of the do-it-yourself project might be very tempting for you. But there are multiple advantages of using a professional installation expert. These include:

#1. It saves money by removing the need for tools and materials.

#2. It helps you save time so you can do something else with it. Professionals are trained to install privacy gates quickly and effectively.

#3. It prevents you from making any unnecessary errors. They’re called professionals for a reason: they know what to do and what not to do when it comes to installation.

#4. You benefit from a strong warranty, though this varies depending on who you go to. If you try to complete a DIY install, the warranty will likely be voided.

Ultimately, while it may be tempting to install the screens by yourself, it will likely end up costing you money unless you are already familiar with the process.

How long do they last?

This will really depend on how you treat them. But let’s say that you maintain them pretty well, they can last for many years. They are usually made out of really durable material like aluminium with fibreglass or polyester mesh making them very strong and sturdy.

Can the privacy screens mesh be repaired or replaced easily?

Although the mesh of our products is extremely durable, sometimes, repairs are inevitable. Fortunately, repairs of the mesh material are pretty easy. We can also replace them without much of a problem.

Can they be installed both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, they can! We just need to take a look at where you want us to install your screens and we will give you the right installation solutions. We can do that during our scheduled onsite quotation.

What’s the difference between regular outdoor blinds/shutters and privacy screens?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages (which is why we offer each of them). Privacy screens can be used to delineate your property and can neatly fit in with surroundings. They can look very nice and come in a variety of designs, though they tend to require a little more maintenance than outdoor blinds.

Do they need regular maintenance?

Not really since they are rather durable and they can be retracted when the weather becomes too bad. But we do recommend that you do some cleaning maybe once a week so make sure that they don’t get dirty. How often the screens will need maintenance is also a function of what they are made of and what the weather conditions are like.

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Frankie is a true professional in this business and loves what he does. Our new privacy screen was installed perfectly at an affordable rate! We are glad we chose FKR Group for our privacy screens.- Michael Rogers

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FKR Group offer a fantastic range of internal window blinds, shutters & curtains with simple, cost effective solutions for the latest options on motorisation. As a supplier of window furnishings with over 30 years industry experience, I would recommend the services of owner Frankie Rylance and his team to anyone considering installing one of the many innovative, bespoke sun protection systems on offer for your home or business.


Reviews are spot on, Frankie is a true professional in this business and loves what he does. We had few more quotes, Frankie gave precise information what we are getting with a very competitive pricing. We are glad we choose FKR. At the end, we loved the product and the service, very happy with the zipscreen outdoor blinds.

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