The installation of plantation shutters is not quite as easy as it is made out. In fact, it is quite tricky to do, and you have to be really careful with the measurements. There is little as frustrating as ordering the wrong size.

But if you’re still intent on doing it, this guide will run you through all of the steps needed to install plantation shutters in your home or commercial establishment.

This guide assumes you are working with hinged shutters. This is for simplicity. The steps for multifold and sliding shutters will be different, as these types will feature a sliding track on the top.

How hard is it to install plantation shutters?

While the steps might seem simple (and we tried to make them as easy to follow as you’ll see below), it’s hard installing all of the plantation shutters in the right way across all windows so they are flush.

If you’re off by a few millimetres in measurements, it will result in annoying gaps, and you’ll wish that you hired an expert to do it. Correct measurements are key, and you’ll need a friend or helper to install heavier shutters. The good news is that DIY kits are available so the frame is easily assembled.

Pro tip: If your window is not a square or rectangle, then you’ll be getting custom-made shutters. And if you are getting custom-made shutters, then you’ll almost certainly need professional help. It’s hard enough getting the measurements correct even under normal conditions.

How long does it take to install plantation shutters?

This will vary depending on the type, but it should take around one hour to install a plantation shutter per window. This assumes a single panel on a window, not a giant window with 4-8 panels!

Plantation shutters installation will take a while if you have many windows or are new to the task. If you have a window with a strange design or custom build, then it can take up to three hours.

Tools for plantation shutters installation

If you want to install hinged shutters yourself, then you will need the following tools at a minimum:

  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Screwdriver or power drill with hex driver and drill bit
  • Step ladder
  • Hammer

Plantation shutters installation: step by step

To make things as simple as possible, we have broken down the procedures for the installation of plantation shutters into a series of simple steps. Obviously, there is going to be some variation depending on your exact type, but the adaptations you make to the below will typically only be minor.

The steps are pretty much the same for both interior and exterior shutters. However, they are relevant for internal shutters and have assumed you’ve already received your high-quality window coverings with the right measurements.

Step #1 – Assembly

The first step is to assemble the frame. This should be relatively straightforward, and the manufacturer will have provided instructions. There will be pre-routed slots located on the back of each frame. Your frame is now assembled. Hooray!

Step #2 – Centre and screw

Level and centre the frame to the inside of the window. If you’re using hanging strips, ensure that you hang them so the panels are flush to the wall. When centred, screw the shutters to the wall through the pre-drilled holes. Often, this will be in the top left, top right, and top centre.

Step #3 – Install the panel

The frame is now attached, levelled, and secure. You will now attach the panel by inserting the provided hinge pins. Test to see that there are no gaps between the panels. You can move the side frames over and back to adjust this if you do see some gaps.

Step #4 – Secure the shutters

Now that everything is secure and even without gaps, you can use additional screws for security. Again, there are pre-drilled holes in the plantations shutters for this. These will be found along the sides and bottom.

Step #5 – Install the button catch

Place the button catch on the lip of the window frame, about 6mm from the stile. The catch can then be screwed into the frame.

Step #6 – Install the strike plate and button

After you place the strike place on the catch, close the panel. This is so you can see that it’s in the correct position. Mark the correct position on the panel with a pencil. Once correct, install the button in position about 6mm from the stile.

How much does it cost to install plantation shutters?

If you do it yourself, it’s free to install plantation shutters! But this really only applies to basic variations and DIY solutions. You can purchase these and simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and have some beautiful window covers. But if you are getting more expensive option that are specialised in any way, then you’ll need to call in the experts.

It’s definitely best to buy and install from the same company, as you will probably benefit from a discount through this. Otherwise, you will pay between $60-100 per hour for the installation. The good news is that it should be done pretty quickly as the professional will know what they’re doing. The cost may also depend on the material:

  • Low Range: $180-220 per square meter (PVC)
  • Medium Range: $220-350 per square meter (polymer or faux wood)
  • Upper Range: $400-500 per square meter (hardwood/aluminium)

How can I simplify the installation of plantation shutters?

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