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Experts in Roller Blinds in Brisbane

Are you looking for a specialist in roller blinds in Brisbane? We’ve got you covered!

FKR Group supplies and installs made-to-measure roller blinds for any type of room. Whether you like modern, rustic, or chic designs for your interiors, we have the best roller blinds that suit your needs! Wherever you are in Brisbane, we have friendly experts ready to assist you anytime at an affordable price!

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What is the cost of the roller blinds?

The cost of roller blinds will vary depending on the material and type. The installation service for roller blinds is around $30 – $50 per square metre. This is independent of the cost of the blinds themselves. The price for the roller blinds themselves might be about $40 – $80 per square metre. Plantation shutters and honeycomb blinds might cost $100+ per square metre, while aluminium blinds might cost between $40 – $60 per square metre.

The cost of our roller blinds depends upon many factors such as fabric, design, and size of the space to be covered. Rest assured that we’ll give you the factory-direct price so you don’t have to worry.  Call us now for a free quote!

What type of roller blinds do you offer?

How long does it take to install a blind?

Typically, blinds can be installed in less than 1 hour. The more elaborate and sophisticated the blind, the longer it will take to install. And, needless to say, the more blinds you intend to install, the longer it will take. If you are installing the blinds yourself, you also need to take careful measurements. If you get it wrong, you will have to start over and it will increase the completion time!

Why Choose FKR Groups’ Roller Blinds

With multiple things to consider and so many options available, we understand that choosing the correct window covering solution can be quite difficult. That is why we exist—to help you select the right roller blinds for your residential or commercial property in Brisbane.

Here are the reasons why you should have FKR Group’s roller blinds products and services:

  • We have over 30 years of experience behind us in supplying and installing Australian and custom-made roller blinds in Brisbane. For this reason, we have gained numberless honest and good reviews from our clients. Our flawless designs have been thoroughly tested to withstand different Australian climates as well as the demands of day-to-day life.

  • Offering a complete range of roller blinds, you can select the most suitable window covering for your specific decor. We have numerous designs, colours, and patterns that are all the way stylish.

  • We continue to push the boundaries on excellent customer service so that we can provide elegant window-covering solutions that meet the standards of our customers. FKR Group’s roller blinds service team in Brisbane will guide you through the process. As soon as you call for our service, we will arrive at your location and complete the project in the shortest possible time without jeopardizing our values for excellent work.

How do you install roller blinds?

A basic installation for simple roller blinds is that you take the window measurements and purchase blinds of the correct size. When the blinds arrive, you simply screw the brackets to the window frame and mount the blinds on the brackets.

You need to decide whether to hang the blinds inside the window frame or over the top to complete the measurements. To actually install the roller blinds, you’ll need the following basic tools:

  • Impact driver

  • Hammer

  • Measuring tape, pencil, black marker

  • Power drill

  • Screwdriver

  • Roller blind

  • Cord bracket sash

If you are looking for prime roller blinds in Brisbane, give us a call now on 0412 872 822.

FKR Roller Blinds FAQs

1. How long have you been providing the services?

FKR group, our family-owned and operated company, has been in the industry for over 30 years. Our experience in the manufacture and installation of roller blinds has been proven through time.

2. Is your company licensed to install blinds?

Yes, we are a licensed provider of high-quality roller blinds.

3. What are the benefits of your roller blinds?

Our roller blinds are