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High-Quality Privacy Gates

First impressions are important and nothing conveys a homeowner’s individual taste like a privacy gate. Whether you’re worried about your safety, or simply just want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, installing a privacy gate is a great investment. And if it deters potential intruders, you may not ever fully realize its true value.

Yet many of these benefits only appear when you get the right gate from the right specialist. FKR Group is an expert when it comes to the installation of privacy gates for residential and commercial property owners in Brisbane. We have years of experience in installing privacy products of different types and styles.

We are also highly experienced in terms of our customer service and how we treat our valued clients – which is why we have such high social ratings and previous client testimonials.

What are the major benefits of privacy gates in Brisbane?

The major benefits include:

  1. Security – They will keep intruders out. Burglars prefer open entryways.
  2. Design – They can be designed to beautifully complement your home.
  3. Privacy – As the name suggests, they keep you safe from prying eyes.

These benefits are apparent when you select the right window cover from a reputable specialist.

What are these products made of?

Typically, the gates will be made from steel and/or aluminium. These tend to be the best materials for privacy gates. This ensures that they will last for a long time with minimal maintenance required. Gates should be strong yet also aesthetically pleasing, and the combination of steel and aluminium can provide these two necessary features. But other options are also available if you want to discuss this with us.

What is the installation cost?

Cost is always an important consideration when it comes to the purchase of any product or service. And there are many components to pricing. Just like installing shutters, the cost of installing privacy gates will vary depending on several factors like the type of material, how much material you need, the kind of decoration, etc. So, whether you need steel gates or aluminium gates, we will inspect your area and offer a free quote on-site service for you.

All things considered, you should pay in the region of $400 – 1000 for a standard sized privacy gate, non-inclusive of the installation cost. Installation will cost around $40 – 75 per hour per person. For a motorised driveway gate, the costs can range from $2,000 – 4,000. It’s important to keep in mind the difference between the different kinds of gate and fence options.

How long does the installation take?

Most products can be installed in a couple of days, based on the scale of the project. Factors like weather, terrain, and complexity are some of the criteria that can affect our working speed. But other factors to take into account include:

  • The total surface area
  • Site access
  • Privacy gate material (usually steel or aluminium)
  • Specialised components
  • Finishes and add-ons
  • How many installers are on the site
  • Whether a removal of the old gate is needed

How does the quotation and installation process work?

The entire process will run something like the following:

  1. You get in touch with us regarding privacy gates in Brisbane .
  2. We Immediately send out a team of experts to examine the scope of work to be done.
  3. After that, we’ll do an estimation of your project.
  4. We send out the estimation for your project for review.
  5. Once everything is reviewed and confirmed by you, we can then start doing the preparation process. This includes marking and securing the location of gas, water, cables, and utility lines.
  6. We arrive for the installation and it runs perfectly smoothly!

The installation process may take one to three days. During that time, we will ensure that all of our crew members work according to the specifics of the project. They will maintain constant communication with you at all times and update you on the progress of the project.

After installing your privacy gate, we will let you inspect the final result to make sure that you are satisfied with it. Our team will only leave the job site once you affirm your satisfaction.

It’s quick, simple, effortless, and easy.

Call now for a fast and free quote on 0412 872 822.

Are there any disadvantages of privacy gates?

There are no real disadvantages associated with privacy gates. But everything is a tradeoff in certain respects. You have to choose which kind of privacy gate. A manual option might be cheaper, but it is simply not as convenient as the electrical option, for instance. It’s worth keeping in mind that these products are useful as a deterrent, they don’t feature the full array of security features associated with security gates.

Why should I choose FKR Group?

For over 30 years, FKR Group has been installing and supplying privacy gates to residential and commercial property owners in Brisbane. For us, delivering the best products and services to our customers is never only about running a business: it’s always about preserving family tradition.

We have made a name for ourselves in the industry when it comes to providing products that are covered by warranties that go up to 30 years. Each of our products is fabricated and designed based on our customer’s unique needs. We have a team of highly-qualified and experienced welders who will create a masterpiece for your property. No job is too big or small for us!

We also offer an impressive 30 year warranty on our products, an offer which is rarely matched by our competitors. We can do this because we intend our products to last for a very long time so all our clients are satisfied.


Can you install an automated and motorized gate?

Yes, but our installation will really depend on the structure of your home. But we can do an on-site inspection for free so that we can see how we can offer you privacy gate solutions that suit the automation that you’re looking for.

Can I install the privacy gates by myself?

While this might sound appealing at first glance, it’s certainly not the best option for a number of reasons. Using a professional installation service will save you time and ensure you get the best installation possible. It will also save you money over the long run. Another item to consider is the warranty. You may not get the benefit of a warranty if you install the product yourself. And a 30 year warranty is not to be sniffed at!

Do I need to obtain council approval for my privacy gate?

In most instances, you don’t need any planning permission for a privacy gate unless you are increasing the height. You’ll need permission if you are building upwards. But if you are replacing an old gate with a new one then you won’t need to obtain council approval.

Even if you are constructing a new fence and gate, you won’t need council approval unless it is above a certain height. This height is typically around 1800mm though it can vary a little depending on area and even material. An exception to this may be if you live in a conservation area, where you have to apply to remove areas in the front of your home.

What’s the difference between steel and aluminium privacy gates?

Both steel and aluminium are great options for privacy gates in Brisbane. You could technically use wood, but the upkeep is typically not worth it. And you’ll have to replace the gate sooner than you might like.

Steel is heavier and longer lasting than aluminium, provided it is galvanized and powder coated. It is heavy and sturdy against all conditions. However, it does run a little more expensively than aluminium, which also does a good job.

Aluminium tends to be the more popular option for residential clients as it is lightweight but also strong and durable. It’s also friendly to the environment. Steel is more often used in commercial and industrial gates.

The bottom line is that If you want to deter burglars and don’t care about appeal, go for steel. Otherwise, opt for aluminium.

How do these products protect from the weather?

All privacy gates need to be properly finished so that they don’t rust or break down. This is especially true for steel options. First, the steel is galvanized. This is the process of applying a coating of zinc to it. This prevents rust – iron and steel are usually galvanized for this reason.

The second step is the powder-coated finish. This is a spray finish at a certain temperature to ensure an all-around even coating. This is done with a spray gun and each manufacturer has their own unique process.

The finish is extremely important and sets good quality manufacturers apart from top quality manufacturers. Aluminium does not really need finishing, as it is naturally resistant to the elements. This is due to the fact that it automatically surrounds itself with aluminium oxide.

Do you offer free quotations?

Yes, we are glad to let you know that we provide free quotes once we inspect the project site. Whether you need privacy gates or internal blinds installation, we have you covered.

Other products we offer:

#1. Internal blinds
#2. External blinds
#3. Shutters
#4. Curtains
#5. Privacy screens

One of our happy clients:

Great service and on-time!


Reviews are spot on, Frankie is a true professional in this business and loves what he does. Our project completion was on-time and Frankie gave precise information on what we are getting with very competitive pricing. We are glad we choose FKR. In the end, we loved the product and the service, very happy with the privacy gate we got.. – OKAN ACAR

If you’re looking for the best privacy gate expert near you, give us a call today at 📞 0412 872 822. We’re more than happy to install a privacy gate for you at the most competitive prices.


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The quality of the blinds are amazing! Would definitely recommend to anyone!!


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FKR Group offer a fantastic range of internal window blinds, shutters & curtains with simple, cost effective solutions for the latest options on motorisation. As a supplier of window furnishings with over 30 years industry experience, I would recommend the services of owner Frankie Rylance and his team to anyone considering installing one of the many innovative, bespoke sun protection systems on offer for your home or business.


Reviews are spot on, Frankie is a true professional in this business and loves what he does. We had few more quotes, Frankie gave precise information what we are getting with a very competitive pricing. We are glad we choose FKR. At the end, we loved the product and the service, very happy with the zipscreen outdoor blinds.

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