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Experts For Curtains In Brisbane

Are you looking for an expert for curtains in Brisbane? You are in the right place!

FKR Groupโ€™s collection of sleek elegant curtains are custom-made to fit your windows perfectly. We take great pride in our 24/7 services in Brisbane at affordable rates!

But first, why curtains?

Curtains Brisbane

Curtains Brisbane

More About Curtains

Curtains are one of the used options when it comes to finishing off a roomโ€™s interiors. They are traditional, yet a stylish choice that carries a touch of refined elegance. This type of window covering can create a relaxed and homely environment. Also, curtains offer functional advantages like blocking light and reducing the room temperature.

A Vast Selection of Curtains

For over 30 years, FKR Group Brisbane have offered clients elegant designs and professional installation service for curtains. We have a vast selection of curtain designs and styles that suit any interior decor. From grand dining rooms to the master bedrooms, we work professionally with our clients and create the perfect finished look for their rooms.

How much do curtains cost in Brisbane?

This will often depend on the type of curtain, such as wave, pleated, gathered, tiebacks, and tracks. While the cost of curtain installation might be between $80 โ€“ $150, the price for the curtains themselves varies considerably. You can get curtains from as low as $20 or as high as $1,000 for custom made silk varieties. The majority will probably be around $50 โ€“ $300 depending on size, type, and material.

Supplying and Installation Services

We supply quality fabric curtains, offer free consultations, provide expert installation service, and grant product warranties to residential properties in Brisbane. We have stylish and breezy sheer curtains that allow a flowing feel in rooms. Meanwhile, for room darkening, we have available block out curtains with high-quality components and fabrics that guarantee durability.

Why Choose FKR Group?

Here are the benefits of choosing FKR Group for your curtain needs in Brisbane:
  • Being one of the top curtain suppliers in Brisbane, all our fabric components are durable, modern, and stylish. We work along the details to help you accomplish the accurate design and atmosphere for your home decor.

  • Our goal is to give our clients in Brisbane top-quality service and care in every aspect of their curtain purchase and installation.

  • All our curtain products in Brisbane are made to fit any budget, property, and personality. While our curtain fabrics may look pricey, we can compete and offer fair quotations without compromising exceptional service.

How do you hang curtains step by step?

Hanging curtains is very simple. Simply:

  1. Measure width and height (allow a little space between the floor and curtain).
  2. Order the curtain and brackets giving the measurements.
  3. Screw the mounting brackets to the top of the windows.
  4. Tie the curtain onto the rod.
  5. Place the rod on top of the mounting brackets.

These are the steps for a basic curtain installation. For bespoke or custom made curtains, you might need to hire a professional service for the installation.

Arrange an appointment with us if you need window curtains for your property in Brisbane. Call us now on 412 872 822.

Frequently Asked Questions For Curtains In Brisbane

What is a good price for curtains in Brisbane?

Itโ€™s hard to answer this question in isolation. A typical price might be around $150, but it depends on quite a lot of factors. Silk curtains will cost far more than linen curtains. Tracks will cost more than wave curtains. And custom fitted curtains will cost far more than those bought in store. Shop around and see if you can find deals โ€“ they are available from high-quality curtain fitters.

What is the longest length in ready made curtains?

There is no real maximum length with curtains and you can contact a professional service for ones that have significant length. 250 cm are classified as extra long for larger windows. Certain curtains can also look well if they drape along the ground, typically with a carpet floor. Regardless, you can order htem custom made to fit your windows.

Why are curtains so expensive?

Curtains are affordable โ€“ its custom curtains that are expensive. One reason for this is due to the fabric. The price of fabric can range between $30 โ€“ $120 per square metre. But you need far more fabric than the size of the window. A 2 metre window might need 8 metres of fabric, which increases the overall cost. Then there is the cost of hardware (tracks and rods) as well as installation costs.

Is it cheaper to buy or make curtains?

Itโ€™s obviously cheaper to make your own curtains. But they are not going to look as good. And you could easily get it wrong, meaning you might spend hours making curtains that donโ€™t fit. It depends on how much you value your time, but making your own curtains could easily cost you more money over the long-term. You will also need the necessary equipment to make your own curtains.

Whatโ€™s the difference between drapes and curtains?

Curtains hang down from a rod by tabs. They are attached to the rod throgh these tabs and the rod is mounted above a window by brackets on either side, and usually one in the centre as well. Curtains do not have linings.

Drapes, on the other hand, do have linings and are attached to a rod with hooks. Drapes will be opened using cords and tend to be more formal and stylish than curtains. Moreover, drapes are pleated while curtains are not.

Do curtains need to touch the floor?

Curtains do not need to touch the floor. Actually, this is not desired, as it would mean that they get dirty. However, they should not be more than an inch or so from the ground, where possible. If itโ€™s too short then light will stream in and it wonโ€™t look as neat. So you will have to either visit a custom curtain manufacturer and/or be very careful in terms of doing your own measurements. If you are paying for good curtains, then you canโ€™t simply cut away pieces.

How do I get the right size for curtains?

Measure the distance from the top of the window to the floor. Remember that the mounting brackets with go above the window a few inches and that you need to leave about 25 โ€“ 50 mm between the bottom of the curtain and the floor. You have some room to maneuvre when you get the curtains, as you can simply mount the brackers a little higher or the curtains closer to the floor.

Which curtains are best for the living room?

It depends entirely on your particular living room. The correct curtain colour can only be determined in relation to the colour of your living room. Its probably best to have a stylish yet convenient curtain in the living room. A corded variety will be better, if possible, for ease of use. You also need to account for how much light you want to allow in.

Should curtains match wall color?

Curtains do not have to exactly match the wall colour. But they will certainly have to complement them. Certain combinations go well together, others not so much. If you have an orange wall, then a red curtain is probably not the best option. It is often safest to keep it a similar colour, though you can pick pretty much any colour if your walls are white.


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The quality of the blinds are amazing! Would definitely recommend to anyone!!


Quality work and efficient at what they do. I had new roman blinds installed and they look fabulous. Would recommend


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FKR Group offer a fantastic range of internal window blinds, shutters & curtains with simple, cost effective solutions for the latest options on motorisation. As a supplier of window furnishings with over 30 years industry experience, I would recommend the services of owner Frankie Rylance and his team to anyone considering installing one of the many innovative, bespoke sun protection systems on offer for your home or business.


Reviews are spot on, Frankie is a true professional in this business and loves what he does. We had few more quotes, Frankie gave precise information what we are getting with a very competitive pricing. We are glad we choose FKR. At the end, we loved the product and the service, very happy with the zipscreen outdoor blinds.