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Premium Spring-arm Awnings for your Brisbane Home

Looking for a simple, affordable, yet highly effective shade structure for your home?

Look no further than a spring arm awning. They are an effective way to create more space or simply create shade for your outdoor area, all while creating an adaptable outdoor feature that blends seamlessly into your home’s existing decor.

A versatile outdoor blind can be stopped at any point of its arc to create either an extended canopy or a fully closed blind, giving you complete control over light filtering and style without stopping the flow of fresh, cool air. With a high quality 7:1 ratio gearbox, you’re not just getting an effective blind that works well, it also looks great.

Perfect for balconies, windows, verandas, and anywhere you’d like to control light and protect your property, these covers encourage fresh air into your home. That means you get to enjoy Brisbane’s hot and sunny days on your terms, with a creative blind solution that is equal parts striking and effective.

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Spring Arm Awning Brisbane

Spring Arm Awning Brisbane

How do these products work?

Spring arm awnings, also known as pivot arm awnings, are installed on external walls, above your window, verandah, or opening. Your chosen fabric (we’ve got plenty of striking colours and materials to choose from) is rolled onto a spring-loaded steel tube (hence the name) and houses in a sleek headbox.

With spring-loaded arms attached to either side of your window, verandah, or outdoor space, the secure arms are connected to the base of your covers and form a pivot point. That means you’re in control of the angle of your outdoor blinds, the privacy of your space, and the comfort of your family.

Enjoy a fully extended awning for complete shade, a partially extended angle to block heat and light, or a slightly drawn shade to take advantage of a warm Brisbane morning. Chat to our team to explore motorised spring arm functionality for even easier use.

Benefits of outdoor blinds

  • Highly flexible retractable options
  • Cost-effective outdoor blind solution
  • Save money on energy bills with temperature control
  • Stylish colours, styles, and frames to meet the needs of your space
  • Durable materials to protect against Queensland sun, wind, and rain
  • Multi-purpose use on windows, doors, verandahs, carports, and more

How do I know if a spring arm awning is right for me?

Do you find yourself squirting in the glare of the midday sun? Or wishing you could keep your windows open for fresh air but struggling to handle the heat?

Spring arm awnings are the multi-purpose solution offering temperature and light control in your home or business. If you want to use your space all year round (not when the conditions are *just right*) then you tick every box.

With this type of window cover, you can keep the sunlight out during harsh summer afternoons while still enjoying a cool cross breeze. Or, raise your spring arm awing during winter to allow sunlight into your home (which a fixed awning couldn’t do). Put simply, you’ve got a cost-effective form of temperature control that can help you keep the A/C off, your energy bills down, and more money in your pocket.

As an added bonus, your awning can be raised to provide views of your garden to extend your living space and keep harmful UV rays from damaging furniture or people. Not a bad list of advantages for a highly cost-effective outdoor blind!

Looking for a little inspiration? Click here to browse our striking project gallery

Looking to compare different options?

It’s tough to compare window shutters and blinds. Ask any Queensland company and they’ll tell you that they offer the best products at the best prices (which means they probably also have the best sales team trying to get you to choose them).

Spotting quality folding awnings is easy when you understand what separates the average from the awesome. At FKR Group, all of our awnings are custom made which means they don’t just suit your home, but they’re crafted from the highest-quality materials too.

When comparing retractable awnings, look out for the following features:

  • Stainless steel frame and hardware
  • All fittings and hoods are deluxe powder coated
  • Fabric that’s been treated to resist dirt, mildew, and mould
  • Designed to handle harsh Queensland weather conditions
  • Product warranties for your peace of mind

We’re proud to tick all of these boxes (and then some), so if you’re looking to compare spring awnings or are interested in plantation shutters, reach out and request a quote on 0412 872 822 to put the FKR Group to the test today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spring Arm Awnings in Brisbane

How long does it take to install spring arm awnings?

At FKR Group, we understand the importance of keeping disruption to a minimum. Your home is your sanctuary, which is why we strike to install all new spring arm awnings quickly and without hassle. The exact installation time of your new awnings will depend on the size and number of windows you’re looking to cover, as well as the complexity of the job.

We recommend budgeting for 1 to 2 hours for the average installation, though speak to our team for a specific timeline that takes into account your needs.

Do they need to be retracted during severe storms?

Yes. While retractable awnings can help control light and heat, they’re not designed to withstand sevre thunderstorms. Thankfully, retracting your outdoor blind is quick and easy so there’s no need to rush outside and dismantle anything (we’re looking at you outdoor shade sails).

Will my spring arm awning fade over time?

While any material left outside will fade eventually, the fabric used in our spring arm awnings is designed to stand up to the worst of the QLD climate. We use strong, durable acrylic fabric to offer lasting protection against heat, glare, and harmful UV rays.

Are there different styles to choose from?

Absolutely. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the lifestyle advantages of your own spring arm awnings and forget about the range of design options at your fingertips. From sleek and modern awnings that add a WOW factor to your home to stripped back and simple awnings that complement any building’s style, speak to us today to learn more about your choice of colours, fabrics, and styles.

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You can’t pick outdoor blinds on a whim and *hope* they suit your home. The right outdoor blind is custom-fitted to your home and chosen to enhance the facade of your property.

That’s where FKR Group shines.

We proudly offer free measure and quote services at no obligation to help you choose the outdoor blind – whether spring arm awning or otherwise – that’s right for you. Best of all, we back all of our products with a 30-year warranty, so you can be sure your covers are made to last.

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The quality of the blinds are amazing! Would definitely recommend to anyone!!


Quality work and efficient at what they do. I had new roman blinds installed and they look fabulous. Would recommend


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FKR Group offer a fantastic range of internal window blinds, shutters & curtains with simple, cost effective solutions for the latest options on motorisation. As a supplier of window furnishings with over 30 years industry experience, I would recommend the services of owner Frankie Rylance and his team to anyone considering installing one of the many innovative, bespoke sun protection systems on offer for your home or business.


Reviews are spot on, Frankie is a true professional in this business and loves what he does. We had few more quotes, Frankie gave precise information what we are getting with a very competitive pricing. We are glad we choose FKR. At the end, we loved the product and the service, very happy with the zipscreen outdoor blinds.

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