Geared Rollers In Brisbane

Popular & Widely Used

High-quality And Durable

Easy To Clean And Low On Maintenance

Enhances Your Space’s Overall Appearance And Value

Comes With Up To A 10-year Warranty

Custom-made And Affordable

Brisbane’s Blinds & Shutters Experts. Superior Products, Custom Made & Great Prices!

Experts in Geared Rollers in Brisbane

Geared roller blinds are the most cost effective of the external products. An extremely versatile blind, the geared roller can be adapted to fit almost any outdoor living space.

With multiple lock off points, stainless steel clips and high quality 7:1 ratio gearbox, you can be assured that this blind will not only work well, it also looks great.

Geared Roller Brisbane

Geared Roller Brisbane


All FKR Group’s blinds are manufactured locally in the Brisbane area.

FKR Group only supply outdoor roller blinds that are manufactured using high-quality components and fabrics.

Benefits Of Outdoor Roller Blinds

  • Cost effective

  • Versatile

  • 7:1 crank ratio gearbox

  • Multiple lock off heights

  • Vast Range of Fabrics & Colours

  • Motorisation available


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